"Fan Frenzy" redo!!

for all of u who have see my comic "Fan Frenzy" i am really sorry for the first pg "let the trouble begin". unfortunately i'll have to redo that page since it doesn't wanna scan right. soo hopefully i'll have the fixed page up in a few days...maybe tomorrow!!

Fan Frenzy, my comic...*sniffle* TT_TT

i finally posted some of my comic that im making...only problem is that....it's too small to read!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! this is soooo lame it didn't turn out the way i wanted it to...*sniffle* so if anyone has an idea on how i could fix it plz tell me, i'd really appreciate it!

Emperor Lelouch

ok since i can't watch episodes of code geass on the web, i watch it on adult swim.I thought it kinda evil when schnizel used Nunally against lelouch but in an way he was just trying to get him to surrender...even though it didn't work!! i'm kinda upset that they started the anime all over again, well at least the lelouch of the rebellion part ! but i don't like the fact that they're leaving us at the fact that Nunally can open her eyes! and the fact that it was a major twist!!

The Movie "Death NoteII: the Last Name

OMG when I watched it the first time I was really psyched b/c it had my fav actor Kenichi Matsuyama!!! He's the best suited person for the part of L/Ryuzaki!! the perfect person!!!...they could've found a better person for the role of light. Even thoug in the anime L dies i thought it was kinda sad that he wrote his own name in the notebook *sniffle* my he always be remembered♥! oh and Misa, i really adore the outfits that she had in the Movie!!! they are soooo cute & wicked cool at the same time!!!