Bakuman Volume 2 ~

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So I finished Bakuman volume 2 at school today. Also in studyhall (a.k.a. nap time) my friend Anthony (a good manga artist) drew Akito Takagi! (Gomen ne, I don't have a picture. He kept it ^_^;;) Anyway, so Akito and Mashiro were walking to Shueisha for their appointment, and Akito happened to have a bit of an emotional past. But, Mashiro didn't really seem to mind. ^w^ And guess what? Mr. Hattori accepted their work, after being nervous and all. xD So they come back to school to find out that the guys have to sit right next to girls. And to Mashiro's dismay, and a bit of happiness, he just so happened to sit right next to Azuki. Yeah, I wish that kind of stuff could happen in real life, don'tcha think? As they say, "that only happens in manga." And the funny part was, they both worried about if their stomach made weird sounds during class! How cute! xD I could totally relate to that, because, well, my stomach always growls in class! So I always pray to Kami-sama that it won't happen during testing! xD

Anyway, so I saw Eiji NIzuma. My first impression? This cannot be him. Well, I wasn't really surprised. In manga, the most talented character that always wins stuff or something always has this weird (a good-weird) thing to them. Like Utau Hoshina. She's talented and the character that has fans. But she love loves her own BROTHER. But I gotta say, Eiji's a genius. At the same time, he's a bit wacky! :3 (Man, this review is really long. It's like Mashiro and emailing! Y'know? xD) Also, Akito and Mashiro got in the submission for the Tezuka Award! Yay~ x3 And then, I did not see this coming: Akito is a playa. o.o;; He has Miyoshi and Iwase! Also, Akito and Mashiro get to be in Akamaru~ And Azuki's moving! T^T;; That sucks :L Oh, look at the time. (1:46 AM) Miko Miko has to sleep! Oyasuminasai!

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Started Bakuman~

Hello :)
Bakuman's great! Here's a review of the first volume:
Bakuman 1:
I love the beginning, seriously. " 'Bet you'll be an artist or designer when you grow up.' But he never said mangaka." My first impression of Mashiro, I thought he was pretty epic. >:3
So Mashiro was doodling Azuki in class (Lolol. xD), and afterschool, it turns out he forgot his notebook! Then this "nerd" (a hot one, I must say) has his notebook, and he saw how Mashiro acted when he came to pick it up! Then he called it a "Death Note". LOLOL, I LOVE AKITO. Anyway, so Akito begs Mashiro to make a manga with him when he sees Mashiro's Azuki doodling. Then they go to Azuki's house and tell her about their dreams, and Azuki is gonna be a seiyuu, and she wants to voice for the heroine of their manga. And they're getting married (Mashiro and Azuki), after their dreams come true apparently. Anyway, gotta sleep. It's, what, 11:09 PM?! OYASUMI!
(P.S., comment or message me with some new manga to read! I can read Japanese version too.)