Started Bakuman~

Hello :)
Bakuman's great! Here's a review of the first volume:
Bakuman 1:
I love the beginning, seriously. " 'Bet you'll be an artist or designer when you grow up.' But he never said mangaka." My first impression of Mashiro, I thought he was pretty epic. >:3
So Mashiro was doodling Azuki in class (Lolol. xD), and afterschool, it turns out he forgot his notebook! Then this "nerd" (a hot one, I must say) has his notebook, and he saw how Mashiro acted when he came to pick it up! Then he called it a "Death Note". LOLOL, I LOVE AKITO. Anyway, so Akito begs Mashiro to make a manga with him when he sees Mashiro's Azuki doodling. Then they go to Azuki's house and tell her about their dreams, and Azuki is gonna be a seiyuu, and she wants to voice for the heroine of their manga. And they're getting married (Mashiro and Azuki), after their dreams come true apparently. Anyway, gotta sleep. It's, what, 11:09 PM?! OYASUMI!
(P.S., comment or message me with some new manga to read! I can read Japanese version too.)