This is the site of my fanfic. It is set in the world that you and I live in, not in the anime world. It will be updated every week so you'll know when to drop by! (I'm aware that the title is extreemly corny, but it's all I could think of)
By the way, each post is a half of a chapter. each part is fro the perspective of the two main characters.

Chapter 6, part 2, AND Chapter 7, part 1

Sorry, I was busy BOTH of my past weekends...Plus I'm lazy.

I was sitting at “home” planning. Tonight I would take Tanja back to Egypt and fulfil the prophecy. I was getting frustrated. How would I convince her to go to Egypt? What about her parents? All the thinking was giving me a headache. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. I wasn’t in a good mood, and being interrupted wasn’t making it any better. Whoever it was at the door, they would kiss their life goodbye. I walked to the door and opened it. It was Tanja. I should’ve suspected that. I tried to put on my happiest face possible. She was flustered. That wasn’t unusual either. What she said next caught me by surprise too, although it should have been obvious. She asked me to be her boyfriend. I wish I could have a good think about it but she wanted an answer right away. I liked being around her, and she would be more likely to do what I wanted if we were to be a couple. On the other hand, it would be harder to say goodbye to her. I would grieve over her death. She was like a drug. I wanted her, I needed her, but the more I was with her; the worse it was for me. The withdrawal would be hard to cope with, next to impossible. My heart said yes, but my head said no. So, I did what any highly intelligent being would do, and followed my heart. I knew it was a mistake, but I didn’t care. I closed the door and went back to my planning. It was harder than ever.

(Chapter 7, part 1)

I felt extremely happy. My heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest couldn’t help but to say to everyone what a nice day it was. And not just everyone, but everything as well - I told the sun, and the clouds, and the rock and the door, everything- how happy I felt. My mother walked into my room with my laundry and said “you look extremely happy! What’s up?” I didn’t know how to tell her. “Well.” It was a start. “I kind of asked Marik out, hey, can he come over tomorrow?” “Of course hon.” My mother replied. Well that went better than expected. That night I couldn’t get to sleep. All I could think of was seeing Marik again tomorrow. I finally drifted to sleep to the happy thoughts that inhabited my mind.

Chapter 6, part 1

I woke with a different feeling inside of me. I felt more confident than usual. I knew from the moment I opened my eyes, that was the day that I was to ask Marik out. As soon as I was all fresh and ready I raced out the door and rode my bike to his house. I’d never been there before there before. I knocked on the door and he opened it straight away. I’d never seen him in casual wear. He was gorgeous. A small draft blew is hair across his face and I automatically blushed. “Yes?” He asked. He sounded sort of impatient. “I uh” I cleared my thought. “I was just wondering. If. You would be my boyfriend.” It all came out so fast. I swore I was going to faint from embarrassment. His impatient look disappeared and he smiled and said “if that is what to you wish.” Then he closed the door. I felt a wave of relief wash over me. I couldn’t help but sing merrily the whole way home. I felt so happy.

Chapter 5, part 2

Sammy was having a pool party today. It was another chance for me to get inside Tanja’s head. The more I could be around her the more I could control her, without the use of my millenium rod. She was late again. I liked this country. It was warm, without being a desert, plus, many people have the luxury of a pool. Something we don’t get in Egypt. I was floating around the pool when I heard the apologetic shouting coming from the front yard. By the time I turned around Tanja was there. The stood there blushing for a while. I’m pretty sure she was just taking in my good looks. After a while she decided to snap out of her trance and get in the pool. She took off shirt to get in the pool. That really got to me. She was beautiful. Not only was she smart, and nice, but she was beautiful as well. I waded over towards her. “Hi, nice weather we’re having?” That was all I could come up with. I was still stunned by her utter beauty. She seemed as wordless as I was. “Uh, yeah, you’re really hot, IT’S really, it’s so hot.” All her words came out in a flustered tangle. We just spent the time looking at each other. I had to let her go for my plans to succeed.

Chapter 5, part 1

It was the 16th of June, which could only mean one thing: Sammy’s pool party! I love pool parties! They’re the perfect thing for a hot summer’s day. Everyone was going to be there. It took me a while to get all my things together, so I was late, as usual. Everyone else was there already so I felt slightly embarrassed. I walked around to her back yard and one thing grabbed my eye. Marik was standing there with no shirt on. I blushed. I was overwhelmed by how perfect he was. I now knew why I was a fan girl. I took off my shirt and jumped into the pool. Marik was staring at me. Not in a scary way, a more, caring, deep stare. It got me thinking about what Rose said to me earlier in the week. She wanted to know if I would ask Marik out on a date. I knew she was joking, but maybe it would be a good idea. Marik was so perfect. His eyes were purple, just like in the anime. I had never met someone with purple eyes before. His eyes also looked like they were full of stories, like memories written into stone. It got me thinking about my own life and all that’s happened within it.

Chapter 4, part 2

I was so bored. This meet up was just lifeless. I heard a car pull up in the drive way. The next thing I knew, Tanja and Rose were walking through the door. “Hi” I said. They greeted me back. They were so polite, it was weird. I started scheming in my head. “MARIK! Hellllllooo????” Rose was yelling at me. “Sorry” I apollogised, “I was just, thinking about things.”
“Well that’s all find and dandy, but we’re playing truth or dare now are you ready?” Luckily I knew what the game was. Childish if you asked me. Silly questions, silly dares. Sammy asked Tanja if she liked me. Of course she did, she thinks of me as her best friend. She flustered. I don’t understand this term of “like.” A few questions later, It was back to Tanja. Rose started talking. “I dare you to take off your shirt and run around the back yard...” I could see where this was going, and I didn’t like it. Not because it was mean to Tanja, but because I’m the only evil one here. Yes, definitely the second one. There was no way it could be the first reason. Not at all. For that reason I used my millennium rod to change her dare. Because I’m evil, not because I had befriended her. There was no way in hell I was getting attached to her. No way and that was final.