This is the site of my fanfic. It is set in the world that you and I live in, not in the anime world. It will be updated every week so you'll know when to drop by! (I'm aware that the title is extreemly corny, but it's all I could think of)
By the way, each post is a half of a chapter. each part is fro the perspective of the two main characters.

Chapter 4, part 1

I was late. I rushed out the door into the car waiting for me on the curb. “You’re late” said Rose in an angry tone, “I’m sorry, I slept in!” I said. She wasn’t up for excuses. “So...” She started again, but the time in a sly voice. “You gonna ask Marik out today...?” “What!” I screamed. My face must have been a bright shade of red. “Whatever gave you the idea I would do that!”
“Sorry, sheesh! Don’t get your knickers in a knot! It’s just your always flustered around him.”
“Well that proves nothing.”
“What ever.” She didn’t believe, and there was no use arguing. You can’t change what Rose thinks. Her mind’s like a fortress. We reached Brenda’s house and stepped inside. Everyone else was already inside. Something caught my eye. It was Marik. I had never seen him in cosplay before. I swear he was Marik come to life. “Marik, your cosplay’s great!” I said. “Thanks. It took me ages.” He replied. As the day went on we did different things and played different games. After lunch Phillip suggested we should play truth or dare. I hate truth or dare. I have multiple secrets and I’m shy about everything. I wasn’t looking forward to this. Marik on the other hand was looking cool as a cucumber. “Hello? Tanja! Truth or dare?” Sammy was getting impatiant. “Sorry, um, truth!”
“Do you love Marik?”
“Well, Marik is my favourite yu-gi-oh character, and we all love our favourite characters.”
“You know I don’t mean that”
“Ah, but you just asked if I love Marik, and I do. Marik ISHTAR at least.” I looked over at Marik. He was just smiling sweetly. Vince spoke up “You look like a tomato Tanja!” Oh god! I was blushing again. I can’t help it. I’ve always loved Marik the character, and I still can’t get it through my head that this guy infront of me is real. I’ve seen Marik cosplayers before, but none of them have had this sense of Marik-ness about them. When I look at my friend Marik, it’s just like I’m watching my favourite AMVs of Marik. “I choose Tanja!” Rose said. It was my turn again already!
“Dare this time.”
“I dare you to take off your shirt and run around the back yard screaming...” Her exspression suddenly became brain dead. “No, I change my mind. I dare you to eat a piece of cheese.” I rubbed my eyes and opened them agian. She was normal. I must of just imaigened it. My other friends were complaining that it wasn’t a good dare. Every one exept Marik . He was just smiling sweetly. I couldn’t help but smile back. I liked an easy dare.

Chapter 3, part 2

I walked to the seat and placed my books on the desk. The girl next to me was flustered, and looked scared. Being evil had that squirmy effect on people. She took a deep breath and squeaked out a “hi”. I introduced myself to her, not the real me of course. She looked so innocent. I could have so much fun controlling her mind! She started asking me questions. It was really annoying. She told me I look exactly like Marik Ishtar. Well I would hope so. Luckily I had done my homework on modern culture and I made up a story about cosplay. She instantly believed me. She’s so naive. “Can I call you Marik” She asked. That was fine by me. That way I didn’t need to get used to my fake name. By the end of the day everyone was calling me Marik. It seemed like I was the most popular guy in school. All the guys were playing basketball with me, and all the girls were drooling over me. Life was sweet. If this was how I was treated as a school student, I couldn’t wait till I was ruler of the world.

Chapter 3 part 1

After he sat down I managed to pull myself together. “Hi” I said. “Hello. I’m Mark. Pleased to meet you.” He replied. He looked happy and smiled. I tried to make it into a conversation. “You probably get this a lot, but you look just like Marik Ishtar from yu-gi-oh.” “Yes” he said, “I do get that a lot, that’s why I cosplay as him.” Wow! He was into cosplay! “Are you in a cosplay group at all?” I asked. “No why?”
“Well you could join our group!”
“That would be nice!”
“Say, can I call you Marik, it’s just if you put an I between the R and the K, it spells Marik?”
“Of course you may!”
“Therefore, x equals...Tanja?” Mr. Brandon was talking to me. I’d completely forgotten I was at school. “Umm” Mark leant over and whispered the answer in my ear. How considerate. We could become good friends. At recess we showed Mark, or Marik as Jess and I now call him, around the school. He seemed very popular, especially for his first day. He had all ready made a few new friends. Now I just couldn’t wait for the weekend. It would be our first cosplay meet up with Marik there. I’d only just met him and he was already my BFF.

Chapter 2 part 2

Sorry It's a few days late, I've been interstate...away from computers...

I collected my belongings and got on the plane. The plane ride was six hours long so I spent the time planning out my evil scheme. For it to work I would need a human sacrifice. That would be easy enough with my millenium rod, but it has to be a willing sacrifice so I will have to get someone to completely trust me. Someone foolish and naive. The plane finally touched down. I needed somewhere to stay. I hailed a taxi and drove endlessly until I found an area I liked. Crescent Park it was called. I walked up to the nearest house and made myself at home. The family living here were now all my find slaves. Next thing to do was to find a school. Schools are full of gullible people, perfect for mind slaves. The next day I Left for my new school. I didn’t need to enrol beforehand. My millenium rod eliminated all problems like that. I met up with the Vice principle and she took me to my new class. When she opened the door the room went silent. Most people couldn’t care less, but there was one person who stood out from the crowd. This one girl was staring, no gaping at me. It was like she had never seen another human before. She looked so stupid she would make a perfect mind slave. She was pretty too. I could have fun with her. I then used my millenium rod to make the teacher sit me next to her. This was the first day of my new life.

Chapter 2, part 1

The day started off like any other. I got up in the morning, showered, ate, and went to school. I met up with Jess before we went to first period. Maths. God I hated maths. Not only was it boring, but I was terrible at it too. I walked into the class room at sat at my desk, with the empty chair next to me. The chair was always empty. My class had labelled Jess and I as “weirdos” just because we loved anime. Some of them bullied me sometimes. Once Mel, the “queen bee” took one of my fanfics and tore it up. It took me ages to write it and I was devastated. Now I just avoid her at all costs. By now the whole class had set up and the teacher was in the room. She started writing things up on the board but I wasn’t paying attention. I was doodling pictures of Bakura in my maths book. I got snapped from my day dream by the voice of Ms. Ternn in the door way. She walked in and someone walked in behind her. My mouth drooped open. The boy behind her looked exactly like Marik Ishtar. Ms. Turnn turned to the class to speak to us. “This” she said “is Mark Smith. He is new to the school and I hope you’ll make his stay a good one.” Mark. Mark is Marik without the “i”. I was still in a state of shock when his eyes met mine. I started blushing; I mean I was just staring at him like a dumbfounded fish! Ms. Turnn walked out and my maths teacher, Mr. Brandon, Told Mark to sit in the empty seat next to me. Me! I still didn’t know what to say.