This is the site of my fanfic. It is set in the world that you and I live in, not in the anime world. It will be updated every week so you'll know when to drop by! (I'm aware that the title is extreemly corny, but it's all I could think of)
By the way, each post is a half of a chapter. each part is fro the perspective of the two main characters.

Chapter 1, part 2

My life had always been spent working. Do this, do that, no time for myself. After a while you get sick of it. The only good thing in my life is my millenium rod. My millenium rod gives me the ability to control peoples mind. That way I can get people to do things for me, but somehow this made me “lazy”, “evil” and “twisted” and people shunned me. This lead me to become an outcast, and I grew up by myself. I wanted out, so that’s when I decided I was going have my revenge on the world. Instead of me slaving for everyone else, the world would bow to me. I would finally get the respect I deserved after so many years of pain. That’s why I had to leave my home of Egypt, and travel to the United States of America, and take control of the world!

Chapter 1, part 1

My life had always been normal, the same thing every day. Nothing ever special happened. Most of my time was spent reading manga. Every lunch time at school, when most people would be outside playing down ball, or gossiping about the latest fashions, I would sit in the library, with my fellow otaku friends, and read manga. Yu-gi-oh’s my favourite, with Marik being my favourite character. I’m a fan girl. I hate to admit it but I am. Not obsessive like some, but still a fan girl. Not many people know this though. Not even my friends. On the topic of my friends, I’m in a cosplay group. All of us are. Rainy day cosplay’s our name. In the group there’s me (Tanja), Jessica, Brenda, Phillip, Rose, Sammy and Vincent. That just about sums up my whole life. As I said before, nothing special. At least it was, until the day I met him.