I fear for the children.

Ah, Another page in the chapter of the Mexican Bleach.

-has no motherly words of wisdom for this one-

69 subscribes. Oh My. -slight chuckles-



Oh Dear, since when have I turned into a Latina? Although, I am not one to argue with the sign. *Motherly grin*

Skit Request

Well, this marks my third post. *smiles*

I must admit, my posting is irregular, my apoligizes, but they have been once a week. More or less.

Though I am attempting to post more frequently, and in order to do so, I request a member of the Bleach Rp to produce a small Skit with me.

*sweet smiles*

Any takers?

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After coming home to my barrack, I discovered some interesting discoveries.

To my greatest delight, my delicate Fox Glove flowers had blossomed early this year. Such radiance they bring.. *smiles happily*

However, my next discovery, was not very admirable..

Hmm…the correct word would be Strange. After I carefully tended to my garden, I decided to go see the ‘material’ my little girl had brought in for me. All were accounted for but one. Ichigo Kurosaki.

It makes me wonder what happened to all of his clips…and what the reason for their deletion was..

Without his video footage, my Ichigo series is incomplete! Oh the disaster!

The little one has some explaining to do…


Oh Dear, *chuckles*

Well this is embarrassing for a Captain. *slight chuckle* I have yet to post anything in my world. I have been so busy healing those in need, that I forgot I had my duties to update here as well. I apologize for the delay and promise to keep up with this as best as I can. *warm smile* On that note, I need to find my fellow Commanders. *sets tea to the side, gets up, and walks out of the door*