.::I'll try::.

..hello!! It's been a long time since I visited this site..still the same ..even though I'm sure that no one will notice this post..I just wanted to say that I am really trying to be active in this site and find time to share my works..but still I can't (until now)..college is so so sooooo demanding (why?..oh well long story)..but from now on I'll try to balance what I am supposed to do (to study) and what I wanted to do (to be a certified Otaku)..I also want to enhance my editing skills and learn from other member's comments about my work..I just one of the million members of this site and surely no one will even have a chance (or time) to read this post..but I just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings so bear with me..
Thank you :)))
God Bless us all!


..::Miss Yah Guys :* ::..

I'm really missing my classmates in high school.. ..
I just want to share this picture taken before I left my Alma Mater..and our Province..

SCIENCE CLASS IV ... (too much drama)

I really miss you Guys..
Hope to see you all soon..I'm looking forward to our reunion..
Take Care guys.. ILY.. :*


..::Going to College::..

Time flies so fast..I'm an incoming Freshman in Polythecnic University of the Philippines..BS Business Administration Major in Marketing Management...

I'm so excited..yet I'm still nervous..and there's so many questions in my mind...

Wish me luck in college....


What's in my Name?Animyst?

hello everyone..
I would like to share how I got my name, that I'm currently using in this site..

It came from two things I both love which is Anime And Mystery..
so it's ANIme + MYSTery = ANIMYST..

That's why I really love DETECTIVE CONAN it's a combination of the two..
Like Shinichi I also love Sherlock Holmes..
besides that, it's a lot of fun watching detective works..someday I want to be a great detective like Holmes and Shinichi/Conan..

That's all..