An Expired Spirit In A Lukewarm Vessel,
No Mind With Which To Guide.
When Life and Death Should Wrestle,
What Rules Must They Abide?

I Reside Here In My Dilapidated Body,
Alone Inside My Crumbling Skin.
You Say It's More Than Melancholy,
So I Show You My Twisted Grin.

It's Impossible To Leave My Corner,
Now That Ego Has Taken The Reigns.
Though I Am Lost, I Have Not A Mourner,
And The Panic Spreads Through My Veins.

Won't Anyone Care To Save Me,
Or Have I Been Completely Erased?
I've Been Torn For All To See,
Within Fear I Am Encased.

So You See Dear Friend,
It's Not A Matter Of Want Or Need,
For This Rule I Cannot Bend:
"The Door Cannot be Closed..."
"...Once The Ego Has Been Freed."