Everyone enter into the world where all are welcome. This will become a place of thoughts, stories, and who knows what else...

Secret Santa Wishlist

Hey secret santa whoever you are, I'm really not too picky as long as you have fun with your drawing but I do love...
1) Pokemon
2) Kira Yamato
3) Fruits Basket
4) Kino's Journey
5) Doctor Who/Torchwood
So feel free to go crazy and have lots of fun!!

Free gift~!

So itachisasuke is doing an event where everyone who comments on a post (like this one) will receive a wallie/icon/card etc.
SO I'm going to do it too! An excuse to not study some of the time!
Let me know if you want a random surprise gift below!

People who need something so far:
1. Klassic
2. itachisasuke
3. alphonse13
4. Zuzu Uchiha
5. mirahsan2
6. itachisasuke
6. izuzu15

Voice Meme

You can check it out here!
Thanks for your questions!

Everyone else has one...

I want to do a voice meme too!
So ask me some questions and you get to hear my awkward Canadian voice. Or if you think my voice will be too awkward... don't ask :) That's fine too!
Itachisasuke's has inspired me :D
I'll post questions asked.
Keba Si Rota:
I see you're a Pokemon fan (YEAH!). How long have you been a fan?
What is your favorite part of the Pokemon franchise (the games, the anime, the plushies, et cetera)?
Tell me about your username. Did you name yourself after your favorite Pokemon? What about the 999 part?
In one of your wallpapers, you mentioned you played guitar. How long have you been playing?
Did you give your guitar a name?
Do you prefer playing in public or in private?

Ita-chan asked:
1. What was the first anime and manga you watched and read. Are they still something you like/love?
2. Say your name backwards! >3
3. Your favourite subject in school right now?
4. Your favourite thing in the world right now.
5. Go to the nearest book beside you, turn to page 16 and read the first sentence of the second paragraph. :3
6. What do you think of when I say screwdriver?
7. Which Dr. is your favourite and why?
8. A unique talent you have ;)
9. Do you like meh? XD
10. If the world was taken over by zombies, name in order the first 3 measures you would take!

If all goes well I will answer your questions on friday night (if I can get some time alone which is hard in residence when you share a room)

SS Wishlist

So itachisasuke is doing a secret santa thing... So this is my wishlist for that.
1) Takashi Natsume (Natsume Yuujincho)
2) Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed/Destiny)
3) Something from Natsuyuki Rendez-vous... that was just a cute little anime that I adore xD