Tagged Again ... Thanks Inufluffy12

1. Who is your favourite cosplayer? (If you have one)
Um... I dunno, but at our Uni's Anime Club there was a group of ladies dressed as characters from Madoka ... So them... because it was amazing.
2. Have you cosplayed before?/ Do you want to to?
Um... Not officially as anyone, I've been my own Naruto ninja because I have a chuunin vest... I would love to go as Rock Lee because he is the epitome of confidence.
3. If so, Who?
Well... Rock Lee xD Um... I would love to go as Nausicaa because I love her with a passion.
4. Which Avenger is your favourite?
I haven't seen the Avengers so I have no clue.
5. Got any OTPs?
Um... I'm a big fan of JohnLock which isn't anime but whatever...
6. What do you think Australia/Australians are like?
Um... I imagine they are like everybody else?
7. Do you have a favourite plush toy? Does it have sentimental value?
Does my giant stuffed Tiger nicknamed Snuggle Buddy count? Or Ted I've had since I was litte. He's just a typical Brown Bear... and the cute Ikea bunny Greg bought me (my soon to be step-father) because he knew I adored the texture of it. I guess they all are my favs and all have a story behind them with sentimental value. Otherwise, I would have gotten rid of them.
8. What do you collect?
9. Is the anime or manga better?
Depends on the series. For example I had watching shonen anime because the fights take forever and I can read those way faster and get back to the story line.
10. How did you find theO?
Through itachisasuke.
11. Are there any improvements you’d like to make to the site?
Nope, I like the way it is :D

If you want answer the questions on the other post guys!
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