Alright, to start, if you're wondering about the name of this world... ask Kyubi Elric xD She calls me Misdress xD Anywhooooooo, well. I'm here, I'm queer, *shot*, and I'm going to rock this joint! *Double shot*

No biggy, but remember... Michael Jackson was a genius, and Linkin Park is Divine, and Hayao Miyasaki is fucking insane. :P And again, don't be afraid to message me, I love you all. Except for the odd few... you know who you are... xD I HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE FUN!

Video of the week:

*Blows you a kiss and disappears*

Fifth Misdressing

Just to disturb Ushio ;)

Well everyone, today be another rant. This time? It's about:


Example One: The last two music videos by Lady Gaga



To be fair, I listened to these songs before I even saw the music videos so, I thought both of these songs were pretty good. In mainstream standards. But I have made some connections between the songs and the videos, though they are slight, maybe it's what it was based around...

Alejandro: The half naked Spock men I guess are supposed to represent an untamed foreigner... which is what Alejandro sounds like... and who Roberto is... I don't even know. And maybe that Alejandro is turning Gaga into an untame woman (she was tame?) and once again, the half naked Spock men could be representing that as well at the end of the video when the nun version of Gaga is practically being raped by them and finally gives in to the sexual tension and pleasure? Maybe? I doubt it, but it's giving it SOME credit.

Telephone: It could be that the telephone call that they're always talking about through the video could've been Gaga's call to the cops in Paparazzi and since she's in jail, it could be relevant. But it's hard to tell, and for that matter, if that is indeed true, then the problem could be, what if some of the viewers of Telephone never even saw the music video for Paparazzi. Again, just some options.

Example Two: That stupid music video by Miley Cyrus.

I'm not going to bother looking it up, for I don't want to listen to it again. But still, I know the fact that the song is about taming a beast, and in the beginning of the video Miley starts off as a harpy (maybe?) locked in a cage for viewing. When the people start taking pictures, she lashes out and breaks the cage. If she had started to sing the song during the whole lashing out, I would've understood it more. But there is the fact, that she didn't. And started dancing with people who came out of her nest... (what?)

So, that's my rant for the day, quote from the book:

Once you have worshiped your masters body, immediately do so again.

Adios Mi Amigos! :)


Fourth Misdressing


It all started yesterday morning, when I didn't have enough time to shower *Grumbles* and had to put my make-up on in the car since we had to go and pick up my step-dad (UGGHH) and even stabbed myself in the eye with my eye-liner. Lovely ain't it? And then after that, I found the cutest bathing suit, but it was too small *looks down* CURSE YOU OVERSIZE BOOBS! So I picked out another extremely cute bathing suit... and yes... IT'S PINK AND TUBE-TOP-E WITH HEARTS AND A FRILLY BOTTOM. (I'm not kidding)

And after the whole swimsuit dilemma, we were driving down the road to go to lunch, and the A/C quit on us (And yes, I was dying) and then so did the radio. After awhile the car started like... spazzing out... and we thought we were out of gas, so we pulled into the nearest gas station... but nooooooo we didn't get TO the pump, we got just a car BEHIND IT. *Grumbles more* And, we had to get out and push the goddamn car... good thing the guy that helped me was insanely HAWT. *Sighs* That was the highlight to my day.

So, we finally got the tank "filled" which apparently was only 8 more gallons... *Group* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! Yeah, turns out, the battery was fried :D YAY KARMA! Hot guy comes, car dead... YAAAAAAAAAAAAY~ My day was so awesome. But in the end, me and the hot guy (accompanied by second hot guy) pushed the car out of the pumps way, and almost crashed through a fence. Ladies and gentlemen, Karma is a mother fucking bitch.

But, incidentally, my mom's car was being worked on at the body shop two stores down and we walked there, incidentally (AGAIN) it was going to be ready in 30 minutes or so. We decided to walk down to my favourite burger joint, Five Guys Burgers and Fries and that's all they sell, burgers and fries. It's pretty sweet. I'm a pretty skinny girl, pretty muscled, and I ate like a frat boy. I got so many odd looks... so hilarious... (Double Bacon Burger with Tomatoes, Pickles, Ketchup, Lettuce, and Grilled Mushrooms xD I'm a piggy)

After all this we picked up my moms car, went to Wegmans, told my step-dad what happened, and left him with his car to figure it out for himself xD Which is when I got my hibiscus plant >//< I love Hibiscus. (AND SIDE NOTE. I SWEAR TO GOD I WAS JUST DRINKING TEA. WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO?!)

To top off yesterday, my stressful day ended with a fucking... piano... recital. Yes, I wore a dress, high heels, and played the piano. Gag me with a spoon. And I screwed up the song of course. It was Gravity by Sara Bareillis (spelling, stab me.). I love that song to pieces, and I completely fucked it up. GAH!

A Break of Entertainment:

And this morning. I awoke to the sound of my mother VACUUMING GODDAMMIT! I WAS SLEEPING YOU SICK FUCK! Then it started thundering and lightning, so we closed all of the windows, and I was forced to clean them... where I found some odd insect larvi! *Gags* IT WAS SO INSANELY GROSS. I forced my mom to clean it though. I honest to god, hate bugs. ESPECIALLY LARVI! *Shivers* Well folks, that's the end of this post. Another quote from this oh so awesome book!

Your Place Is On Your Knees Before Your Master

Have a great Sunday guys, I only wish it were NEXT Sunday. *Groans* Mistress, of whom, Distressed, definitely. Farewell!

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Third Misdressing

Okay, I'm going to talk today about what I HATE. One, I hate people, they're always getting my way and just begging me to punch them in the face. Two, I hate lines! Too many people grab my ass when I'm standing in a line, and SAME IN THE HALLWAYS! Three, I hate it, when you have theOtaku up, and your step-father (who you already hated) exits out of your browser when you were still writing a post, and you just can't SAVE it, because well... THERE IS NO FUCKING OPTION! I have to write this stupid thing over again, not this thing, another thing. And my last hated thing is:

The Ending of Lost

I mean seriously, I myself am not an avid Lost watcher, but my family did so I listened in on some of the episodes. But what I hate most about it is the fact that they give us 6 years of this show, just to end it by spitting in your face! Sorta just... GAH, I'm not upset because of the fact that I LIKED the show, I'm upset because that ending was just terrible! It did NOT end with the bang it should've. *Sighs* Oh well, can't do anything about it now.

Hahahahahaha, I love that song. Andy is hot. Just saying xD Oh well, enjoy your Thursday guys! Friday's only a day away, you can make it! (I barely can... GAAAAAH) And, school's out for me the week after Monday, you'll be seeing so much more of me then. :] Adios mi amigos!

Edit: I forgot the quote from the book

Your pleasure is your masters pleasure.


Second Misdressing

Well, time for the Second Misdressing!

External Image

I'm pretty sure I know where that's from but... *snickers* I just typed in Anime Crossdressing and this is what I got... if this was actually Lelouch I would apologize to Ushio... but it isn't, so I'm not ~_^

On another note, I've been listening to "Your Love is my Drug" By Ke$ha... I'm sorry... I don't know how to pronounce a money sign. And I've come to the conclussion, that she's talking about that guys beard the ENTIRE time. It sort of makes sense, if it's just loving the guy, why would everyone tell her it's wrong? Loving a beard is sort of weird... "I like your beard" You do not KNOW how much she sounded like a guy right there. And on another note about Ke$ha, if you plug your nose and sing her songs, anyone can sound like her. Me and my friends experimented, we marched down the halls covering our noses singing "Blah Blah Blah" And people were like, "WHOA! YOU GUYS SOUND JUST LIKE KE$HA!"

Mission: Accomplished.

Oh, and another one of those quotes from the book I'm reading.

The Slave dresses how the Master wishes them to dress, even if it means being naked.

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I'll see you guys around, you know how to contact me, if you don't... *Shakes her heads and tsks* Au Revoir!


First Misdressing

*Winks* Hey babes, Lady Puppet here, or Lady Distress, whichever you call me, I know who you're talking to. I also except, Gorgeous, Sexy, Lovey, and only one person can call me muffin. She knows who she is, and she's totally sexy ;].

As you can see, I'm taking a new approach to these Post Names, they will be my Misdressings, not undressings, so don't get your hopes up. *Shot* Anywho, a couple of my dear close and personal friends will be gaining guest poster to a separate world I still need to think of a name for... you know, if you're a host and you talked to me on Puppet, talk to me here. I feel so much more relaxed here! And I'm not a fan on this account... which is also a total load off. And I'm not going to even pretend I'm someone else, I am Puppet, through and through ;].

The Misdressing Post Threads shall be of well... cute anime couples, hopefully in the phases where they didn't love each other, yet still craved the others attention. But this time, I'm going to give you quotes from my current reading addiction, "The Pleasure Slave" And yes, it's about what you're thinking. *Isn't denying it* So, here is one:

Always gain permission before touching your master.

Maybe I'll toss in a little bit of poetry sometime, I've actually become quite fond of it you know? Let's me actually say what my heart's feeling, but hey, not everyone wants to listen to their heart. (And I'm one of those people)

So babies, children, enjoy the first anime couple, even if they're crack couples ;]

Okay, I looked up Akatsuki Yaoi, and got this... it doesn't look like Yaoi to me... but it's still undeniably cute. ;] Enjoy guys, no intense Yaoi here, that's all I can promise you.

My hot stud magnet Katie said that this song suits me perfectly, since I've never let a guy tie me down. I'm free bitch, and I'm willing to prove it to any guy who denies it. *Gives the Goodbye wave, and blows you a kiss*