Welcome my Inner Sanctum...


Hi all,

This post is titled "Absence"; not only because of my absence from The Otaku, but also because of the absence of colour from my life recently. I feel that the months are passing by, the days in a calendar are burning away into forgettable smoke and there is nothing worthy of record. I am really sure that 2009 will end and will become a forgettable year, at a personal level.

Things at work have been repetitive and uninspiring: but we're forced by the economic situation to thank for this unprofitable, boring donation of time and effort.

Art-wise, I find myself wanting to break away from the conventions of my own work. I am proud of what I've done so far, but I feel my hands and creativity could give more. I almost gave up on traditional methods for digital, but my brother rescued me from the abbyss! I'm finding gallery nights unproductive: I have one coming up, but out of a sense of futility, I chose to display only one piece.

I'm slowly discovering that opportunities in London are almost all a scam...is there anything out there worth fighting for?! While I look for answers I will cocoon in a corner, sketching away...looking for the colours that are missing in this piece called 2009.

Take care, and sorry for the blast!