XxKittyxX Banned From theOtaku

Some of you have been seeing a comment from the member XxKittyxX with a new account they created under the name xxsadkittyx2. The basic comment was this:

  • this is XxKittyxX i got banned for some thing i didnt do so im just letting you know this is me!!

The problem with this is unfortunately, is it’s a complete and total lie. Just as their post on their new account, which was also banned, was a lie too. It might be true that they never took the time to read the rules, but failing to do that is your problem, not managements.

Every time you make a post it clearly states: Note that all posts must be PG-13 rated or below. Just as when you enter chat, at the very top it also states this: If you create a room you are responsible for all happenings there. If you abuse chat in any way your entire theOtaku account could be terminated. If you fail to heed these warnings, or don’t even bother to read them, it doesn’t alleviate you from being accountable for your actions.

It also clearly states at the top of the site terms: By registering an account with TheOtaku.com, you hereby agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions: There is a section that covers chat and the relevant paragraph states this: Conversations in the chat must always be PG-rated. If you want to discuss mature topics, use the option for private chat or create a password protected room. Anything pornographic in nature is not allowed, even if the room has a password to keep other members out.

So again, the responsibility falls on you to heed the warning at the top of the page for chat instead of claiming ignorance for your own failure to pay attention. I am even less inclined to take someone seriously if they also pretend they didn’t know when they were right there when someone got busted for the very behavior that got them banned. And when someone else told them they weren’t interested in doing cybering because they don’t want to get in trouble... and they kept doing it anyway. So claiming ignorance of the rules just won’t cut it. They knew they shouldn’t be doing it and chose to do so anyway.

The fact that they were engaging in cybering was brought to our attention when one of them messed up and the whisper appeared in chat so everyone saw it. I’m going to provide a snipped of the log so you can see. I have of course edited out some of the words but it’s pretty clear what they were up to.

prettykitty319: xxsadxkittyx: /msg Mecin: Yes, that she is. While I am doing *licks up your body, pulls out the ***** **** em warming stuff, puts it on you, starts sucking on your ****** as it warms up, rubbing your ****, and slidding the strap-on ***** back in you* THAT TO HR she is talking to you.
Indi: wtf?
prettykitty319 has been kicked by Indi.
prettykitty319 left the room. (Logged out)
xxsadxkittyx left the room. (Logged out)

Indi: If you're also messing that in chat Mecin
Indi: Leave
Miracle Star19: what the ? ...o.o
Indi: NOW
Mecin left the room. (Logged out)

Now this part is important. Take note of who was in the room and fled the moment one member was kicked for that particular deal. As you can see, it is the very member who is claiming that they were innocent and didn’t know.

XxKittyxX left the room. (Logged out)

Indi: facepalms
Miracle Star19: Indi: what in the world was that o.o
Indi: all I do is turn away for a second... good grief
Indi: cybering in whispers
Indi: only one of them screwed up
Indi: *sighs*
chibi andy left the room. (Logged out)
Allamorph logs

The member who messed up didn’t even know that everyone saw that since they were instantly booted. Later, when they asked why they were kicked, they then apologized and agreed to never do that in chat again.

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