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Birthday: September 7, 1985 | Real Name: Sabrina :p

My Anime

Anyway... I live in Salt Lake City, Utah! And no looking at me like that... >_> Utahans are not nuts! I promise! XD I'm just a regular first year college student who has yet to figure out what she wants to major in. Which means I have more than one idea I want to try. Hehe. Let's see... I'm also new to anime... I've only been watching it since I joined, I never had a reason to do so before. Oh and Indi is my roommate. It's her fault I'm here! :p Well her and Desbreko's. ^_^

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I Love Summer

I'm so glad it's summer. Just as I'm so glad I made the decision to only work part time and not attend school. My last semester was so terribly busy that I felt burned out for weeks after it was finally over with. Some of my classes were really ha...

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Are you still there?

I think I finally got some time to breathe again. My last assignments are in and next week will be review and prepare time since finals start on the first. o_O I still feel pretty worn out since this semester was really hard this time. At least my...

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Busy Work

I've been kind of busy lately. Anyone here who is a college student understands what I'm talking about. It just seems like I always have too much to do. XD Anyway, I didn't get the categories up last weekend. o_O I couldn't get online and w...

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I Should Have Listened

I had one of those moments today where I did something... and later realized that I should have taken someone's advice to me more seriously. Crystia told me when I first joined to avoid the podcast... I kind of forgot and listened to it. =_= I wo...

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o_O Whoa O_o

I just realized that other than posts for the categories, I haven’t posted for this year. I kind of got off track by getting sick right before finals and then being gone for the holidays. It didn’t help that I got a secondary infection...

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