yes, almost all of my poems are dreary but they are well made if i do sayso my self. it would really please me if you commented and liked my peoms that i slaved away at. i always insist that my works are perfect. enjoy!

His Name - poem

His name sends Knives through my heart,
And tears to my eyes,
This ripping sensation,
Will eat me alive.

In the face of pain,
I struggle to keep my composure,
Even if I die,
I know it won’t be over.

Torn apart brutally,
forbidden to be together,
How long can it last?
Will it be like this forever?

His name rips me apart,
Every time it is said,
Thoughts always linger,
it’s not even safe in my head.

So I’ve locked up my heart,
Along with his name,
In the black of my mind,
Where forever it stays.