Tinier Me

it's like the new gaia :D
my username there's kuryuki.
I'd be happy if you add me n____n
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so we both get 300 extra coins :3

orz >.< i really need to stick to one project and one only...or they'll all go done the toilet

school ;A;

just look at the torturous title
not that i have been active ever, but i'll probably go on lurk mode for awhile at least.

i hate it how at the start of the year, the teachers of various subjects just asks us to make projects, presentations etc. to introduce us =____= well at least one of them is a somewhat art project...

;A; time of teh year again

i've been hearing lots of finals for the past months and totally mislooked that i have mine too in june ;A;
now I have LOTS of catch up to do....starting with..er...try bringing my textbooks home i guess they're pretty heavy though and then i have to actually read them.
what a crappy non-efficient method. but hell i guess i really don't study unless the finals now it's paying off
guess it is my problem to take messy-i-cant-read notes if any. and everybody else studys too so there's really no one i can ask for

..i think i remember something very similar to this situation same time last year. why do i never learn
...wip atm, others are on hold....
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lol quiz

lol i can't believe I actually created one of those >.<
even though I know nothing bout fortune telling crap
and due to my HUGE hiatus of graphic design those things at the end of the quiz is really sucky expect for the hibari one <33333333333
those results are basicly my opinion bout the khr characters lawl
but either way i feel some what accomplished now i wonder if it'll get accepted i'm 50/50 hoping and not hoping