Random Idea

Hi, otaku citizens!! Sorry to all my subscribers and friends for not posting in a long time. I just got the most random idea. A MINI-STORY FANFICTION!! A naruto one. It's where i see a picture and I get a mini-story idea. That happened earlier today, and so yeah. So, if any of you want your naruto oc in the story, just pm me or make a comment giving me your ocs info(looks, clothes, etc.) and a moment from their story in the naruto world. If you don't have a naruto oc, but have an oc for something else, you can do the same thing, exept i'll make up a mini-story for them!! You can tell me what you want my mini-story to be, or give my imagination free range!! Or just give me a baisic outline for the story. Oh, and i'll be in the story usually, too, as Tsuki, one of my naruto ocs. My other naruto ocs might be in there, too. If the story with your oc in it doesn't come out right away, please forgive me!! >.< I've had a lot of homework lately and have been taking up too much time on online games...>.> But i will try to get out the stories as soon as possible!! So please be patient!! I will post if i need more time to make the stories. Thank you!!(sry the post is so long...>.>) I will give you credit for any way you took part in making the story!!