Hello my name is Lila and im a neko (don't judge me)These are my stories and i guess you'll have to deal so yeah this is a pic of me TIP: IM IN SHINOS TEAM ME AND HIM ARE BROTHER AND SISTER

First Battle

"Hey Shino wake up!" I said shaking Shino awake. "Wah-" "Wake up, come on we have to go!!! Sensei will be waiting" I run downstairs and quickly cook up some eggs. Shino came trailing down the stairs with his glasses off. "Lila, Shino???" I heard my mom shout. I just whistled and put the plates down. I smacked Shino on the back of the head. He glared and said coldly "how can someone so small be so annoying" I laughed and started eating. Once we got out to the training field we saw Kiba with Akamaru "Hey guys you seen sensei?" he asked. "Nah" Kurenhai popped up. "ok as you know we are supposed to escort Leatsu to the land of fire. He will be hard to protect considering all the people hes hurt" she said sadly. My ears pricked and i watched as Leatsu came through the trees. He was a tall young man no older than 22, but what caught my attention was he had neko ears and a tail like me. I watched him cautiously, when i was six i realized i could taste the emotions and see their thoughts. He seemed to be in a must continue nother time dad wants on........bye