Excuse the blankness of this world for the moment, please.
It's going to be a place where I place a lot of music from various things.
Most will most likely be old songs on my mp3 and songs from games and etc.
A lot will probably be my favorites of Vocaloid, for their tune and other reasons.

Sweet Dreams

Ok, I don't normally listen to Marilyn Manson, and I've never heard of Emily Browning until idly searching of Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These covers...But I enjoy the mash up, even if some of the beats are off. It's very pretty, and makes what I was reading very dramatic XD

Thought I'd share~

AMV- Hall Om Mig

Let it be said I have no idea what this Anime is about, I've never watched it, but this AMV is amazing.
And this sooong has me hitting repeat over and over. I don't know what the lyrics are though...

I found this a few years ago thanks to a friend, and i just remembered and found it again tonight. I looove this song.

Miku Hatsune- Machine Muzik (Warning for...Creepy)

I've watched this so many times I hardly find it creepy, but the music is so neat, plus I like the video.
So why not post it?
Thing is, it creeps people out. And...well..Yeah. But then i watched a video called Bacterial Contamination by the person who made this one and...*shrinks back* THat one does creep me out, but it's so good too...
Will post up BC if anyone requests it..Here is Machine Muzik

aiSeNMa- Sonika

Another one of Matt9Five's songs (Or now known as CheezItsAreYummy >>)
Really not what I normally listen to, but I like it. :3

Repeat- Sonika

I love Sonika's voice~
(I can't find the Repeat that I know and love, but this remix is neat.)