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perfect summer night...

shimmering snowflakes falling down

touch your cheeks without a sound

the winter breeze it felt so nice

but i can't forget your summer eyes

the sunbeam's glow against your skin

you're my sunrise as the day begins

warm days, cool nights, evenings just right

to grab your hand and hold it tight

rainy, sunny afternoons

birds singing a simple tune

flower petals fill the skies

but i can't forget your summer eyes

the sunbeam's glow against your skin

you're my sunrise as the day begins

warm days, cool nights, evenings just right

to grab your hand and hold it tight

leaves of orange, yellow, red

softly crunch beneath my head

close right next to you i lie

but i can't forget your summer eyes

the sunbeam's glow against your skin

you're my sunrise as the day begins

warm days, cool nights, evenings just right

to grab your hand and hold it tight

on this perfect summer night

one-night stand.

the sun set as the music fades
the auburn sky soon turns to grey
your heartbeat echoed in my ears
I faked a smile, you faked a tear
it was like a movie, so surreal
I loved the way it made me feel
as long as you were my own that night
I knew the rest would be allright

the moon shines down onto the sheets
my hands are cold against your heat
our tongues are intertwined at last
your heart and mine are beating fast
but I know I will be the one
forgotten with the rising sun
as long as you’re my own right now
I know I’ll make it through, somehow

I’ll wake up next morning to find
I’m all alone and left behind
You won’t give me another thought
But I will still miss you a lot
I’ll cling to memories of you
Can you be gone, it can’t be true
as long as you’re mine in my dreams
I know I’ll make it through, it seems

don't read this.

The day when I first started liking him was the day he told me about her.
She was pretty.
She was polite.
She was popular.
She was kind of nice, I guess.
I didn’t really know her,
I don’t think he did either.

From that day on I noticed him more
I saw how he talked a little louder when she was around
or bragged or tried to be funny
I noticed he held her hand a little gentler,
a little kinder.

Back then we were only friends
we had been friends for years and not once had I though of him as anything else
than a friend.

But suddenly,
something told me that I had to have him
so I did all I could
I changed my face
I changed my name
I was loud
I was popular
I was beautiful with long wavy hair flowing down my back
but I was happy.

So I did it. I made him like me. If it wasn’t for me it would have turned out much different.
And I fell hard.

Every breath he took made my heart flutter
every word he spoke I worshiped
every smile made me float
I would memorize everything he said to me
and replay the words in my head like a lullaby when I went to bed at night
I knew every hair on his head and every freckle on his face and the way his eyes glowed blue when the light hit them a certain way
I was insane.
Or maybe just in love, or both, or they mean the same thing anyway.
After that it was all a blur.
A blur of happiness and pride and worry and affection and addiction.
It started like it ended, fading in and fading out.
It didn’t hurt at first.
The year after, I never felt the same. I didn’t fall in love like I used to. Things were different. I didn’t love so carelessly. It was no conscious decision, it was just the way things were. Another year passed, and I could feel my heart aching and missing the daydreams and fantasies and wishes and longing it once felt before. It was breaking at last. I was falling apart.

I felt like a drug addict deprived of the drug
as I watched my friends smile and blush and talk about things I could no longer comprehend
I was lost in my screwed up, broken world that I ruined with my own two hands.

Until one day, one odd, unexpected day, something happened.
I totally forgot my old feelings. I no longer dreamed of his kiss every night or cried for his touch once again. The fantasies I used to swoon over now made me gag. The feeling of regret was gone completely. I could finally look him in the eyes and say I was over him and be telling the complete truth.

Now I am confused
and I am ecstatic
and I am nervous
and I am shy
and I am loud
and I am quiet
and I am scared
and I am brave
and I am laughing
and I am crying
and I am fascinated
and I am apathetic
and I am messed up
but I am completely normal

Because now I finally know what it feels like to be in love like before
And I don’t want this shitty, wonderful, fucked up feeling to ever go away, no, not again.

alterior motives.

Merry Christmas (I like you a lot,
but you'll never know
I'd give you my heart in a heartbeat
but my love I'd never show
you make me smile, you make me cry
I know for sure for you I'd die.)

Happy New Year (to you and me,
'cause I'm so happy here with you
I would walk to the end of the world
to prove to you my words are true
you make me smile, you make me cry
you make me live, you make me die.)

Let it Snow (but it rains still,
the air just as cold but the clouds too grey
yet there's sunlight in my sky
that the clouds can't hide away
you make me smile, you make me cry
searching for the reason why my heart beats faster when you're around.)

Happy Holidays (I love you.)

a christmas to remember

remember when you were little

and you walked through the thin blanket of snow with your knee-high rubber boots,

the scent of peppermint wafting through the air,

you weaved in and out of the rows of pine trees, imagining thousands of presents
wrapped up with shiny bows and bright red wrapping paper,

all for you?

remember when you used to

make your dad take you sledding on the coldest day of the year

just to feel the wind in your face and the snow in your hair

and to walk home, soaked from head to toe,

to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate made with love by your mom?

remember in the third grade

when you drew yourself and the elementary-school hottie

kissing under the misteltoe?

your art teacher yelled at you, but you didn't care.

you just laughed.

remember when you kissed your boyfriend merry christmas

and happy new year

and every day in between

before you kissed him goodbye?

remember the christmas eve when your whole family was together

and you sat around the fire and told stories and whispered secrets and ate muffins and cake and drank eggnog?

remember when christmas used to be filled with joy and love?

when did it fade into any other day of the year?

when did you stop putting marshmallows in your hot chocolate and stopped wearing thick snow jackets?

when did you stop putting out cookies for santa claus and one for each of his reindeer?

when did the snow stop making you smile, because you knew things weren't that simple anymore?