October 10, 2017

Dear Journal,

Well i have alot to catch everyone up on. I had been locked out of my account since i think 2013 now that i have remembered my information I will try to be on more. I wander how many of my friends are still here... Anyway...

first of all in the very last entry that i had wrote well the guy i liked.... he was decent enough till we had been together almost four years. Yes i know i had a hard time about everything but that is normal with life. Lot of things happened between me and him during my last years of high-school. He was telling me who i could and couldn't hang out with when i never restricted who he could hang out with. He was allowed to talk to all his friends that were lady's but yet i wasn't allowed to talk to any of my friends (yes most of my friends were guys and his girls but anyway) he was allowed to talk to all his friends but i was allowed only a select few of mine to talk to.... In my opinion it was very fucked up of him. And in my junior prom year he asked me to marry him infront of the whole damn school at prom..... so that way if i turned him down i looked like a jerk. Mine and his wedding was set for 2020 but i was telling a friend of mine the last year or tow what had been happening and he told me that i needed to leave this man.... only problem was how to do it cause the one time i did this man tried to hurt himself. Well needless to say me and this guy are no longer together now. Yes i still have all the gifts he gave me but most i have gotten rid of. he doesn't want his ring back though and that is a pain in my butt. Anyway on to the next thing.

Second of all most of you talked to me while i was in high school.. I graduated May 24, 2015... I was with another man at this point and i didn't know that he was cheating on me till he kept saying a lady's name repeatedly and he didn't even tell me he had left. So at that time i had went back to the one that i was with that i still have the ring for. This was the time that i went suicidal though most of ya don't know that cause i lost touch. I stayed a year in my tiny town. Then in July last year i got into college. I moved to texas cause of my college in august on the 28th of last year. I found out that the friend that i had been talking to for a long time was in the same area and till my dorm room opened up he let me stay with him.

Third of all this is my first full year in texas and I love it here but at times i miss my home in ohio. My friend, is well nmore then a friend now at the last part of last year when i had moved down here he told me he loved me but anyway, he loves and takes care of me and when my school pulled the stupid shit they did he was pissed at them but not much i can do on that one. And the final thing i will tie into this part as the typing is already long.... Me and my man named gray are going to get married next year. I am 21 years old irl now and i am glad to be back with you all.

Thanks for reading,

Sara Jones

January 9, 2013

Dear Journal,
Well my last bf broke up with me yesterday but suggested that i go out with someone that I know likes me for sure & everything but that him & i can still be friends... Hopefully if he found him another girl I hope that he is really happy with that girl & isnt worrying about wat he did to me or wat will happen to me anymore.... It is good that he found someone he wants to be with in his own state even though I didnt like the fact that he broke up with me but now i am totally over that. Thinks were ment to happen this way for a reason & I just have to figure out why.

Sara Elizabeth Jones

January 2, 2013

I am lost as well as confused. I have a decison to make. It involves my current boyfriend, who lives in Texas & there is another guy here in Ohio that goes to my school district & I like him..... He told me that he likes me & now i'm lost.
I dont want to hurt my current boyfriend & I dont want him to feel like it is his fault that I left him if i do. He was going to give me a promise ring for mine & his one year aniversary which is July 19th.
I am just so confused & want help. If anyone sees this on my page & thinks they can help or want to give me adive please pm me.


Sara Elizabeth Jones


Dear Journal
Today i am really confused one of my friends is confusing me because one day he is nice then the next day he is being a jerk... so i dont know about him any more.


Dear Journal

My boyfriend... well now me rl ex boyfriend broke up with me yesterday & i didn't even know it... I really hate it when people do that & i'm getting sick & tired of it at times i swear my life really bites...
Then to top things off my rl grandmother yelled at me it was bad enough that my boyfriend did that to me the no good cheating little stupid son of... well ya get the point i guess i better go berfore i get too mad again. For now i'm signing this.

Sara Elizabeth Jones ( Rl: Lisa Taylor)