Hello! You can call me Momo, or whatever you like. (... Momo = Peaches in Japanese, but to tell you the truth I don't like peaches. I just love the name Momo. ) Nice to meet you!

I'm still a newbie here at theOtaku, but I'm learning as I go. I hope to make many other otaku friends here!

If anyone is wondering if I like Sailor Moon because of my user name my answer is: I have never watched or read Sailor Moon before. My sister found the song, had me listen to it, and I just loved the song so much that when I found this site later that same day I made it my username. Sailor Moon looks interesting so I am considering taking a look at it sometime in the future.

I love anime, but I've gotten quite a liking to reading manga these days so if you wanna talk sometime I'd be happy to! I'm always interested in learning about anime or manga I've never seen before so I don't mind being introduced to something new that might be your favorite.

That's about it, I guess. See ya around!


P.S. Thank you for all the warm welcomes! You all made me very happy.

When I'm bored and reading Iris Zero

I color. And then when I see that's it's turning out really well I can't stop. After that I can only say to myself: "Why did I start this anyways?!"

But honestly I really love coloring Iris Zero manga pages! Although, I don't do an amazing job, I think it looks decent anyways.

Dunno where I'll post it... I'm not sure if posting self-colored manga is allowed unless it's for a challenge. *newbie*

I'll have to figure something out soon...


Feels like forever

I want the next chapter of Iris Zero to come out right now! I feel like it's been way too long... I'm trying to keep my patient, but it's not going to last forever. *sighs*

I will try to wait as long as it takes until it comes out!