What am I

Angel am I or just a waste of empty space
What am I

I ask myself what kind of creature am I but no answers show up in ma mind at all

Even more questions form in ma head

I may look normal but trust me I'm not like all of you at all

Can you tell me what da hell am I?


Before I met. You were always in my dreams but now I have you to myself.

As I lie on the grass I think about how lucky I am to have you in my life. Whenever you're there making me laugh at one of your joke. As I stare up at the clouds they remind me of you because you don't have a care in the world.

When we're together all i hear and see is you. I think I'm falling harder for you. As I stare into your eyes I see love,care, also sadness, and hope. We're at the park when you get on one knee and pull out the most beautiful ring ever and ask me if I will be with you forever. I say yes I will then I say thank you for making my dreams come true as while leaning down to kiss you

14 years later I still have those dreams I did when I was teen but now I'm married to you and happier then I could ever be. You work from 8 to 3 and when you get you kiss me on the cheek and you start to play with our baby girl and boy. You help me with dinner and feed the kids for me.

Once in awhile you'll put the kids in bed and blindfold me and when you take off the blindfold I see a dinner table with light candles. You stare at me with a smile.

At night you watch me sleep and right before you go to bed you whisper those three words I love to hear from you. Those words are I love you.


my bf made me this song and i loved it so much and he sang to me before

I Have Nothing

ok before the song stars I know its dumb but bear with me I'm sad next up is a happy song.

I kept having nightmares but they're all about when I was child. I think they're trying to tell me something because they come even when I'm daydreaming.

I can't get away no matter what I do and they making my life like hell. Did I do something wrong without knowing. If I did I didn't mean to.

My nightmares
Oh my nightmares

When I'm walking down the street I get a vision of my childhood and I just cry out what I say in my vision and of course I stares and I can hear them whisper about me. I also fall to my knees crying out for my mother but I don't know why since she is dead. My whole family id dead. Sometimes I feel like people are following me. I fee like I'm die in my sleep or while walking down the street.

I don't wanna die

Death I don't want

I don't wanna die

Please somebody just help me please I'm gonna cut myself I already do so.

I'm waiting for someone to find me in my room with blood all over my house I live alone in. Then maybe people would of helped me if they knew I would of killed myself. All my friends hate me why I don't know.

As I breathe out my last words I say in a low whisper help. Then I close my eyes and never wake up. People don't notice I'm gone until 2 years later and they find the letter Ileft behind before I died.

hear me out

As I stare into your eyes I see nothing at all.

I know I hurt you in the past but just hear me out I hate myself for hurting you so much
also I can't bring myself to say I love you. Just hear me out I regret not saying I love you.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and fix everything I did wrong. Please just hear me out when I say I will never forget what I did to you and I have to live with the pain everyday of my life.

Boy I know how much pain I caused but please just hear me out when I'm crying while you walk away. Why won't you hear me out. This pain I feel is tearing me apart and everyday I can't breathe at all.

I hope you will hear me out when I say my last three words as I'm dying on my bed. So goodbye forever I just wish you could heard me out when I stabbed myself while saying I'm sorry I love you please forgive. Then when you find me in my bedroom on my bed passed out with blood dripping from the knife and my wrist you will wish you would of heard me out but its to late now.

a SONG about how I feel sometimes

I'm a girl who sits in her room or on the computer most of the time. I dream of being a artist. I wish people would believe in me more but I don't give up no matter what. Also people hate me for standing up for what I think is right.

I'm so lonely
so lonely
Lonely I am

Why am I so lonely. I ask why to myself all the time. Please somebody believe in me. I don't want to be sad for the rest of my life.

don't wanna be sad
be sad
sad I don't wanna be

As I cry at night I say to myself why am I upset I don't need nobody and I stay silent but then I cry again.

I don't need anybody
but I do need somebody

Everynite I wish upon a star hoping y dreams will come true one day. Wanna be happy,wanna have fun. I pray everynite, every morning to god for some help. I wanna have true love , also want happiness. Wanna have a really nice family. I treat everybody with respect no matter what they do to me. I only have a couple of friends. I wish I had more but I don't so. I know I should be happy but I'M NOT.



Please tell me what you think. It would mean the whole world to me if you do tell me.

Its not true but how I felt a couple of days for now and I still do.