A little about ME! *.*

Name: Gabriella
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 5th
Sex: Female (Duh]
Hair color: Multiple
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Location: Sssshhhh That's Secret; just Kidding Rochester New York
Pets? Yup, Nyko and Gotti. Two dogs.
Fav Color: Purple!
Fav Food: Hmm?? That's hard. I love all food!! XD
Fav Candy: Extreme Air Heads
Fav Animal: All
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing,Dancing,Listening to Music, Computer.
Interests: Mangas,Animes,Drawing,Writing,Dancing,meeting new people, BEING ME!
Would you like to know more???? O.o Send a comment or a PM. ^-^

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Hello all. I thought since I have a computer around I should let u all know that I have not forgotten about u. I love u all. *smile* How about I let u all into my life for a few. Well nothing really interesting has happened. I've been in the hospital a few more times due to what ever is wrong with me. The doctors still don't know what's wrong. The pain's getting worse and now I think I'm developing (if that's how u spell it] asma<- idk how to spell that either, soryy but yeah. Oh today there was a talent show at my skool. I went. It was fun. There was a lot of good talent. I really liked it. *thinking face* Hmmm.....What else. Oh I got new shoes and I love them lolz. Realy random huh? *shrugs* I guess so. Oh today I had to get rid of one of my closest friends. He betray me. *sigh* it sucks but what ever. He lost out in a great friend but he already knows that. Well I'm off to eat. Yum. I hope I didn't bore u all. anyways lubs u all and until next time. = )

I love this song!

My last post for who knows how long. I'm very sad about this. For my last post i'll be putting one of my favorite songs. Old yes but it's a wonderful song and for those of you that don't know the song and like it I have the lyrics. Yay right? Lolz. well here it is.

Hoped u liked.
Bye you guys.

*Sad Face*

It's Gaby here. I was just letting everyone know that I'm not going to be able to get on as much as have been. I guess it's flu season for computers because everyone's seems to be getting a flu. Unfortunetly mine has as well. It makes me very sad because this is my only way out of my misery(my life] and now I wont have it. I'm going to fall very behind on my posts as well which sucks. *sigh* I hope we get it(computer] fixed soon because I don't think i'll be able to last long without this awesome site. I'm very sorry everyone. Don't stop Pm-ing me though. I promise to reply to all. And also keep commenting that really brightens my day. ^ ^ Well for now i'm on here so take this time to talk to me. I'll miss u all very much!.
Until next time.


Okay so it has taken me some time to finish but I'm finally done. My Host Club Membership Card. If u want to be in this club u MUST speak to Rein Akira or Lunastarz. Kay kay! >_<

L's Letter.

This is the letter L left in memory of Light Yagami before he passed. Was found and read aloud for Light’s 24th Birthday.

Dear Light,

If you're reading this or if anyone else is then that means that I am no longer living. This means that Kira has found out my true identity and has eliminated me. I apologize for not being able to live long enough to make it to your Birthday. Well Light in the amount of time that I knew you, you were proven to be extremely smart. You reminded me of myself in many ways and I truly wanted you to take my place when I died. Thank you for being my first friend. I hope you find Kira and remove him from this world so that no more evil can continue on. I enjoyed having you around and I apologize for kicking you in the face when we were handcuffed. You did begin that fight. I do say it was a nice experience though. I had never been chained to someone. Misa was very nice to have around with you. I want to say thank you for the tennis match, which was also a very nice experience. You're very bright and you have much to look forward to. You're father must be proud. The work we completed together goes far beyond words. We were very close to capturing Kira. I would have liked that. That would have been a very nice experience to have with you. My suspicion of you being Kira is still the same though I would like to be proven wrong on that. I'm sorry our time together had to end but I'm sure I'll see you again someday. This is good bye for now Light.


L’s remembrance of Light.