A little about ME! *.*

Name: Gabriella
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 5th
Sex: Female (Duh]
Hair color: Multiple
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Location: Sssshhhh That's Secret; just Kidding Rochester New York
Pets? Yup, Nyko and Gotti. Two dogs.
Fav Color: Purple!
Fav Food: Hmm?? That's hard. I love all food!! XD
Fav Candy: Extreme Air Heads
Fav Animal: All
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing,Dancing,Listening to Music, Computer.
Interests: Mangas,Animes,Drawing,Writing,Dancing,meeting new people, BEING ME!
Would you like to know more???? O.o Send a comment or a PM. ^-^

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you all; my world is for all so basically it's not my world but everyones world. With that being said If you want to be a guest poster let me know. PM me when ever you'd like but first you must read the handy Dandy Rules >_< Relax they're nothing major just a few simple rules.

----> I'm an official member of the Host Club!If u want to join u MUST go to either Lunastarz or Rein Akira. Kay Kay >_<

The Link to The Host Club...(http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/tohc); enjoy


Hello everyone. *bows* Yes; it really is me if anyone is wondering. No I'm not dead either. *Makes a face* Anyways; I apologize for my absence. It seems to be getting worse verytime. I've really been trying my hardest to get on but with exams coming up and getting ready for the end of the year, I've been really busy. I never have a second to just breathe anymore. *sighs* Well I'm on here for a while so please talk to me people. I need to be sane again because if not; I think I might hurt someone.....

Average Teen!

[x] Mother [x] Father [] Step-Father [] Step-Mother [] Step Sister [] Step Brother [] Brother [] Brother In Law [x] Sister [] Sister In Law [] Half Sister [] Half Brother [] N...

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News with Gaby

Hey everyone; Gaby here of course just wanted to update things. Well 'Our Little World' is 1000+ thanks to all of you. I have 166 subscribers, I've subscribed to 600+. I don't even have half that many subscribers but thanks to those of you who hav...

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Random and Hilarious!

Wow man the things that happen to rappers are FUNNY!

Ha Ha! *Puts finger in air*

Looks like I have finally made another facebook. Add me if you have one; I really need some friends. : ( Anyways yeah look me up under Tiffany Quinones. Dnt ask questions just do it! <--Please! ^ ^