A little about ME! *.*

Name: Gabriella
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 5th
Sex: Female (Duh]
Hair color: Multiple
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Location: Sssshhhh That's Secret; just Kidding Rochester New York
Pets? Yup, Nyko and Gotti. Two dogs.
Fav Color: Purple!
Fav Food: Hmm?? That's hard. I love all food!! XD
Fav Candy: Extreme Air Heads
Fav Animal: All
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing,Dancing,Listening to Music, Computer.
Interests: Mangas,Animes,Drawing,Writing,Dancing,meeting new people, BEING ME!
Would you like to know more???? O.o Send a comment or a PM. ^-^

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you all; my world is for all so basically it's not my world but everyones world. With that being said If you want to be a guest poster let me know. PM me when ever you'd like but first you must read the handy Dandy Rules >_< Relax they're nothing major just a few simple rules.

----> I'm an official member of the Host Club!If u want to join u MUST go to either Lunastarz or Rein Akira. Kay Kay >_<

The Link to The Host Club...(http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/tohc); enjoy

Hi there! :)

Hi there minna-san! I'm MariaCarlotta. :) Call me Maria, Carlotta, or whatever you like. I don't really mind. :)
Gaby4646 asked me if I would like to be a guest poster in her world to introduce myself and now I'm here. Thank you very much Gaby-san.
Well, here's my intro:
I'm 13 years old and I live in the Philippines. :)
I love to read books, watch anime, play the piano, edit pictures, and do something....
Well, that's all I can say.... :D
Please PM me or something.
Thank you! :)

L v.s N

Okay people this is ur chance to get involved! I want to know who you guys think is better. Do you like L(Lawliet] or N (Near, Nate River] better? Please leave comments with which one you like. If you would like to know the answer to this question stay on the look out for the results. They will be posted some time in June.


The Rules To Our World 1. Keep everything to a certain level. Cursing is allowed but like I said keep it at a level, a low one. 2. This world is to express your thoughts on ANYTHING so don...

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A little something I just thought about...

A Rose is only as strong as the Throns protecting it....


Hello everyone! It's me Gaby (-duh] and I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm super duper happy!! Why? Because my world has reached 700 views!!! Whoo hooo! *jumps up and claps* If that's not awesome enough I have 121 subscribers! Now that's something to celebrate. *settles down a bit* Thank you all for the support really, it means a lot. = ] It's nice to know that my hard work pays off. Makes me very happy and determined.