A little about ME! *.*

Name: Gabriella
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 5th
Sex: Female (Duh]
Hair color: Multiple
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Location: Sssshhhh That's Secret; just Kidding Rochester New York
Pets? Yup, Nyko and Gotti. Two dogs.
Fav Color: Purple!
Fav Food: Hmm?? That's hard. I love all food!! XD
Fav Candy: Extreme Air Heads
Fav Animal: All
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing,Dancing,Listening to Music, Computer.
Interests: Mangas,Animes,Drawing,Writing,Dancing,meeting new people, BEING ME!
Would you like to know more???? O.o Send a comment or a PM. ^-^

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you all; my world is for all so basically it's not my world but everyones world. With that being said If you want to be a guest poster let me know. PM me when ever you'd like but first you must read the handy Dandy Rules >_< Relax they're nothing major just a few simple rules.

----> I'm an official member of the Host Club!If u want to join u MUST go to either Lunastarz or Rein Akira. Kay Kay >_<

The Link to The Host Club...(http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/tohc); enjoy

Death Note Finder outer thingy XP

Stole this from Alex.... Light [x] You have a big aim in life [x] You hate to lose [] You feel that your eyes change colors with your behavior [] You are obsessed. [x] Your intelligence is superior in compariso...

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Aidou Hanabusa

Look at what I found while browsing through pictures....
Nice picture don't you think?

I apologize for my absence.

Just wanted to apologize for not being here that much anymore. I haven't been able to fix my computer problem. *sad look* I hate that I haven't been able to post too, my world is becoming out of date. *another sad look* Today I'll do my best to update with posts and stuff so be on the look out.....Please.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone. I hope today is awesome for everybody. I hope you all have fun.

Yay Me!

Well I probably wont be back on for today. I'm going to The Falls. I'm very excited, I haven't been there in a while. It sucks I wont be able to talk to you guys all day but no worries I will try my very best to get on when I come back. = ]
Well see you all later.

It's about time we do something fun. *gets psp ready* Road trips rock.