A little about ME! *.*

Name: Gabriella
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 5th
Sex: Female (Duh]
Hair color: Multiple
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 117
Location: Sssshhhh That's Secret; just Kidding Rochester New York
Pets? Yup, Nyko and Gotti. Two dogs.
Fav Color: Purple!
Fav Food: Hmm?? That's hard. I love all food!! XD
Fav Candy: Extreme Air Heads
Fav Animal: All
Hobbies: Writing,Drawing,Dancing,Listening to Music, Computer.
Interests: Mangas,Animes,Drawing,Writing,Dancing,meeting new people, BEING ME!
Would you like to know more???? O.o Send a comment or a PM. ^-^

Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you all; my world is for all so basically it's not my world but everyones world. With that being said If you want to be a guest poster let me know. PM me when ever you'd like but first you must read the handy Dandy Rules >_< Relax they're nothing major just a few simple rules.

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Super duper happy!!!

It is official! I have reached 100 Subscribers! Omg! I'm very very very happy. I can't believe it! I totally adore you all! U all Rock! I know i say that every time I post about something like this but it's true you all do. = ] Wow; the big 100, it's amazing. Am I being to Happy? If I am I apologize but it's very shocking to me. Here's a picture to show my happiness.

Hope u all liked it. Thanks again. *hugs u all*

Really nice picture.

Nate River also known a Near but better known as N. I like this picture. I agree with what it says.



Cool pick, Awesome pick. Man this pick? It's the S**t lolz


His Art is Explosive.

I totally love this picture. Him over the years, cool huh?.

Damn it why must he be so cute??!?!

Awesome song! Check it out!

I love this song! It makes me want a fairytale. ^ ^

I hope you all liked it. Now you can sing along if you did.