The Rules To Our World

  • 1. Keep everything to a certain level. Cursing is allowed but like I said keep it at a level, a low one.
    2. This world is to express your thoughts on ANYTHING so don't be afraid to do so.
    3. If you ever feel the need to rant about someone please don't put the persons name. That would be very mean. Here we try to steer free of mean. I know you can't help it some times but please try.
    4. Nothing is too dumb/stupid to go up. Like I said don't be afraid to express yourself.
    5. Pictures, Vidoes, Poems, Stories anything is allowed.
    *No nude pics please if they're naked make sure they're covered (Privates people)
    6. Biggest rule is Have Fun! It's my fav.
    7. Remember anything is possible! <--Cheesyy but true XP
    Contacting Me:
    PM me. I always get back to those.
    Send a quick comment. I get back to those too. (I love those ^ ^]
    You can also send me an E-mail ([email protected]) but in the subjest box make sure you put Our World or TheO. If you don't put one of those you risk your e-mail being deleted because I don't open e-mails from people I don't know. If you have any ?'s that's how you can get a hold of me so don't be afraid to do so.

    P.s. If you have any ideas on how Our World can be updated please let me know. I work to please. (Whoa]

    Now that you have read the Rules and everything else now you can request to be guest poster and all that good stuff. Well enjoy! ^ ^