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Name: Dragon Anime
MyOtaku: [Link]
Occupation/Attribute***: Student/Artist/Writer
Kuni**: North America
Interest: Anime, Manga, Video Game, wants to traveling to Japan and Hawaii, (learning to read, write and speak Japanese), etc.
Dislikes: ....
Favorite Food: Rice, Pizza, Noodles, Dango, Tamagoyaki, Dumplings, etc.
Favorite Color: Blue (a Rainbow)
Favorite Flower: Sakura(Cherry Blossoms)(Iris, Red/White/Blue Roses, etc.)
Fan Status: Sleeping+Awesome Hero Moments= Fangirl (TMNTShoujo)
Kana: ドラゴンアニメ
Initials: D.A., A.J.D., Ashe Dreamrose



Turtles vs. Foot

Year: 2016 - Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year in past 20 years
Chinese and Japanese Lucky Colors

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Thorn White

Thorn White Written and Illustrated by Ashe Dreamrose ...

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Gravity Falls Hidden Codes

These hidden codes are found in this book: Gravity Falls' Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun! Codes are written in Bill's Cipher! Learn more about Bill's cipher at the Gravity Falls Anime group.

Spoiler Alert!

Pg. 20-21 reads; "Dipper wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower."
Pg. 30-31 reads; "After nightmares Mabel meows herself back to sleep."
Pg. 94-95 reads; "Time baby is worried about Bill."

Other pages (that has Bill's cipher): 52-53, 69, 76-77, 80-81, 88-89, 92-97, 106-109, 114-119, 124-125, 132-133, 142-145, 148, and 150

That's all I'm giving the rest gets embarrassing or is just to to talk about. How funny it may seem: it seems kind of personal even for that of fictional characters. (e.g. ~ singing in the showers, meowing, hiding things, etc.) I've actually only cipher 4 things and the other two are kind of weird, gross, etc.

Gravity Falls Anime Project

Gravity Falls Animation Project


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