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Name: Dragon Anime
MyOtaku: [Link]
Occupation/Attribute***: Student/Artist/Writer
Kuni**: North America
Interest: Anime, Manga, Video Game, wants to traveling to Japan and Hawaii, (learning to read, write and speak Japanese), etc.
Dislikes: ....
Favorite Food: Rice, Pizza, Noodles, Dango, Tamagoyaki, Dumplings, etc.
Favorite Color: Blue (a Rainbow)
Favorite Flower: Sakura(Cherry Blossoms)(Iris, Red/White/Blue Roses, etc.)
Fan Status: Sleeping+Awesome Hero Moments= Fangirl (TMNTShoujo)
Kana: ドラゴンアニメ
Initials: D.A., A.J.D., Ashe Dreamrose



Turtles vs. Foot

Year: 2016 - Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year in past 20 years
Chinese and Japanese Lucky Colors

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