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Name: Dragon Anime
MyOtaku: [Link]
Occupation/Attribute***: Student/Artist/Writer
Kuni**: North America
Interest: Anime, Manga, Video Game, wants to traveling to Japan and Hawaii, learning to read, write and speak Japanese, etc.
Dislikes: ....
Favorite Food: Rice, Pizza, Noodles, Dango, Tamagoyaki, Dumplings, etc.
Favorite Color: Blue (a Rainbow)
Favorite Flower: Sakura(Cherry Blossoms)(Iris, Red/White/Blue Roses, etc.)
Fan Status: Sleeping+Awesome Hero Moments= Fangirl (TMNTShoujo)
Kana: ドラゴンアニメ
Initials: D.A., A.J.D., A.J., A.J.R.
Alias: AngelSpiral<still up, but I lost the password to this account>/FinalMixRikuLover<I'm using this one now>, Aozora Jade Runé, Asshu Sorano, Mugen-Chii-Koyuki<this is for my other fandoms and I want to switch over to my other account, but I feel so reluctant>/TMNTShoujo<mainly, for the TMNT fandom>, theInsaneAngel, InsaneMitsukai,KeyofRemembrance (Kioku-chan), Kumaneko-chan, Ninja of Flowers Illusions, Setsuna Tsubasa (A Moments` Wings)



Turtles vs. Foot

Year: 2013 - Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year in past 20 years
Chinese and Japanese Lucky Colors

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Anime Life Quiz (Anime/Life Quiz)

Quiz 01) What anime/manga lifestyle compares with your life? What's the same or ...

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One of my Favorite Springtime Flowers/Trees is the Yoshino Sakura (Hybrid Cherry Blossoms)

Yoshino Sakura (染井吉野, somei-yoshino, lit. the Hybrid Cherry Blossoms or Yoshino cherry) lol and you know what, that's also...

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Japanese Blood types (personality)

Blood types are important in Japan. That's why you sometimes see a game, manga and/or anime characters with blood types on their profiles. This is because people in Japan believe by your personality it relates to the blood type you have, which is ...

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Stitch, the Anime Series

Stitch, the anime series: this is season 2 ending.
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