Thorn White

Thorn White

Written and Illustrated by Ashe Dreamrose

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Book 1: Rose Red the Apple of Sleep
"A spin on an original tale about Snow White, but instead of the
tale unfolding in its usual form; it's an alternate universe."

  • The First Fallen Snow
  • Sixteen Years Later
  • The Clearing and the Cottage
  • The Next Few Weeks
  • The Hunter Returns?
  • The Scheme
  • The Poisonous Apple
  • The Awakening Kiss

Book 2: Bleu Rose of Night and Snow
"A Sleeping Beauty story plot, but instead of being pricked by a
spinning wheel needle; it's sleeping poisoned rose thorn bushes."

  • Through the Forest and to the Castle
  • Attacked!!!!
  • Down the River
  • Snowy Mountain
  • Friends
  • You're the PRINCE!?
  • The Prince is a Thief!?
  • To the Dungeon!

Book 3: Rose Pink of Life and Romance
Book 4: White Rose and the Wedding Bells Sing