Hello Everyone and welcome to my humble world!! ^_^

In this one I will post a lot of random stuff, from personal posts to various themes and memes. Look forward to many interesting and uninteresting stuff. Ciao!

Account name:LightFykki
DOB:15/02 1994
Gender: male
Place of birth and living: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Interests: Many, too much to list, but you will figure some of them eventually

As you all may know, I try to be nice and kind to everyone. But also keep in mind this. There are many wonderful and talented people here. This site is really great, where everyone can meet up a lot of people and become good friends with those that have similar interests and common thing.
I have many friends here and listing them isn't enough to repay everything in which they helped me. For who they are, they know themselves. :)

All credits for the design of this world, go to my close friend here Hulaberry32!!!
I highly advice that you all as well check her profile too. She is a wonderful person and a very good card maker.^^

My other worlds: A world about Bleach, "My little world of Bleach"
My review world, "Moonlight stories"
A RP world, "Eternal Dreams"
A world dedicated for anime and Japan in general, "Eastern wonder"

Well that is a little introduction of me.
If you have any more questions,just PM me. I don't bite. =)

My anime list

Hello everyone,

It has been quite some time since I posted something here. I hope that everyone is doing well.

Thinking today it came to my mind that I didn't share my anime list here from, well, myanimelist.net. I made it recently, about two months ago.

~ Here is my profil ~

Scores are more or less both subjective and objective from my point of view, meaning that each anime can be better or worse, depending on your view of course. Also, my plan to watch list is actually much bigger. In fact, like with many of you I bet, I add more anime that I manage to watch.

Stay safe and I hope to hear from you guys~!

Good day to you all

As usual, I was not sure how to start this post. Better yet, I didn't know how to name it... A good day and hello will suffice I hope. :D

As with many others here, I too, am not so much active. Funny, before long I thought that I will never be in position to leave it completely. I still didn't, but it feels so, definitely after you don't visit something for several months straight.

Did I miss theOtaku? Yes. Did I miss my colleagues here? Yes. Still, the waves of life and especially college in my place, took me to that position where I started to focus on things to which I have to build my life upon.

I don't want to continue writing the oblivious things here, as I am not even sure how many of you will actually read this post. What I want to say is some more specific and more important things. :)

Personally I am at the end of my third year in college, meaning that I still have one more year to finish my first degree major and then I am good to go. I plan to enroll in master studies soon after, so school will continue for me. What is my future career and with what I will work is yet to be seen, as I can make several choices. Some maybe better than the other, as we all have to be very careful when we decide on certain conditions.

As I said, I am very occupied with my college and science in general. I also received the Adil Zulfikarpacis award for this year, which is basically a reward for the best student in the following academic year of the whole university. I usually don't like to talk about myself, but since this was the high point and fruit of my labour, I decided to share it with my friends here as well.

I also noticed that I probably have never shared my personal picture here, so I will post one where I received the reward.

On the side note, I really would like to here from anyone who is still present here. Don't be afraid to comment or to shoot me a PM. I would love to read them.^^

Best wishes to you all~! ^_^

Me receiving the award. As you can probably guess, I am the youngest one there.

A Tag of the New Age

Since TheDarkEclipse posted his tag and was kind enough to tag anyone who read his own, I am will try and answer his questions as well. :)
It has been quite some time since I have done one of these, I think that it will be fun.^^

1. Right now in your stagnant mind, what are 3 words you can just pull out of your head?
Mozaic, earth, water...

2. What's your favorite color? (how generic)
And generic as it may sound, green. :)

3. How's the weather out there?
Bah, rainy. It is actually one of the cooler summers in the past decades, but it rains almost every other day.

4. What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Didn't scientists already answer that one? I think that they at least gave a hypothesis.

5. What has ears but cannot hear?
Um, a person who has lost the ability to hear?

6. What's the craziest thing that's happened to you?

Hm, not sure. I had some more situations now and there, but nothing worth mentioning.

7. What's the worst thing you've ever done?
That is hard to answer as well. When I hurt someone's emotions or see that I might stand in their way (even though sometimes I have to) feels like the heaviest burden in the world.

8. Do you ever dream of your life or yourself as an anime? If so, describe it.
Ah, haha, actually yes. Mostly placing myself as some kind of person with a deep backstory or a leader in some smaller organizations. I dreamed also a lot about anime school system (or better to say Japanese system in that regard) since here we are far off of that.

9. Do you listen to songs dubbed in a language that is not your native tongue?
I don't like 95% of songs in my language for various of reasons. Just the ones that are special and have a greater meaning and emotions put into them.

10. Why?
Partially explained, we don't really have good songs, especially not a big variety like you feel find in standard global songs.

11. To you, what defines "a life?" What defines "a friend?" What defines "living."
- A life is span of time between every person's first and the last step. A fulfilled life would be the golden age when a person can feel peace inside him or when he manages to break the chains that are binding him created during his youth.
- A friend is someone who can read your emotions and correspond well with them. His actions have to be in sync with your life and at least some choices have to be influenced.
- Living is fulfilling basic daily needs: food, water, but also finding happiness and satisfaction and this circle of life.

That's that I guess. :)
I, myself, tag everyone who reads this, since I know that many are absent and I wouldn't feel right pushing someone to do it.

My questions are:

1. Two, three or four wheels?

2. How would your organize your collection (books, movies, anime,...), by alphabetic order, genres or something else?

3. When someone mentions history, what is the first history period that comes on your mind?

4. Country side or city life?

5. Island or mainland?

6. Do you frequently question yourself about your actions?

7. Cats or dogs?

8. Is there anything specific you feel nostalgic about?

9. Do you play video games?

10. If so, what is your favorite genre and console?

11. Do you prefer shorter themed questions on your tests or the ones that require longer answers?

Short light on a shorter note

Firstly, I want to say hello to everyone who stopped by to read my posts and also to ones that didn't, but I myself share the same situation.

It has been long, too long maybe... I have been wanting to post a text, note, or anything of that sort here for a long time, but the situations in my life carried me away from it and sometimes leaving something feels like the easiest thing to do.

I do miss things here a lot. The people that I met, random talks, artwork and everything based around it.
A lot of things have happened in my life in the meantime and yet nothing really happened.

It would take too long to write all the unnecessary information, but I can at least share some. College has been taking a lot of my time, as public so as private. It is a very hard course on itself, especially taking by that I know how much that is important to me and that I spend every bit of time investing in it. I had quite successful grades the last year and am trying to remain at that and get even higher. I am also doing a lot of extra work around it, like writing a science-research paper, helping my professors and also other students. I have also had some problems of medical nature and still have some, which is partially why I can't always keep sitting and spend my extra time here.

All in all, it has been pretty stressful and hectic, but I kept on fighting and going forward with everything that was thrown at me. I do miss all the people and things here like I mentioned previously and I do plan to return one day, if nothing, at least partially. We might be growing up, but still can't leave all the noble and good things behind us.

That aside I also have one question based on my research paper. I am writing about the implementations of informatics technologies in modern education and it would be very helpful if anyone can share information about their situation in schools regarding that as well as the purpose of such usages. Optional you can also share the your country origins which I need for statistics, but you can keep that private.

As always thank you very much for reading my post and I do hope that everything goes well in your life. Always keep smiling and moving forward~!

Elders react to...

Hatsune Miku!!

Yes, I don't know if you guys are following these series on youtube, but they have quite interesting ones like Kids, Teens, Youtubers and of course Elders react.

I decided to share this one, because it is particularly interesting. It is about Hatsune Miku. They showed this about year and half ago in Kids react, but now they also did with elders.
Some of their reactions were just, priceless!