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In this one I will post a lot of random stuff, from personal posts to various themes and memes. Look forward to many interesting and uninteresting stuff. Ciao!

Account name:LightFykki
DOB:15/02 1994
Gender: male
Place of birth and living: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Interests: Many, too much to list, but you will figure some of them eventually

As you all may know, I try to be nice and kind to everyone. But also keep in mind this. There are many wonderful and talented people here. This site is really great, where everyone can meet up a lot of people and become good friends with those that have similar interests and common thing.
I have many friends here and listing them isn't enough to repay everything in which they helped me. For who they are, they know themselves. :)

All credits for the design of this world, go to my close friend here Hulaberry32!!!
I highly advice that you all as well check her profile too. She is a wonderful person and a very good card maker.^^

My other worlds: A world about Bleach, "My little world of Bleach"
My review world, "Moonlight stories"
A RP world, "Eternal Dreams"
A world dedicated for anime and Japan in general, "Eastern wonder"

Well that is a little introduction of me.
If you have any more questions,just PM me. I don't bite. =)

It's random time 9

MR.POPO!!! Watch till the end O_O

~ Other than that, how are you guys? :D Well I hope good. If not... well sucks to be you. XD Kidding, you know all that we are all a big and happy community here and that we all help each other as much as we can.^^

~ I was kinda getting much lonely here, cause of the friends that stayed with me. One went to Germany to his aunt and still hasn't come back. It's been five weeks. o_o Other one is just lazy, but he started again coming to me and we are having good old time watching anime and doing all other random stuff.
You wouldn't believe how much he can watch animes per day!! I need to hold monopoly over downloads because he is like machine with them. Almost every he finishes in one day if he can. XD

~ Well we are watching some random animes, like we started on watching second season of Clannad, which I will probably give him somewhere at the middle to watch at home. Then we started to see Hetalia, some of Bleach and I was looking for a new one that we can watch...
So I went to that anime page where I download. And there are literally almost every anime imaginable. And by that I mean "any". So by the side you can see the latest reviews, since reviews are usually very small and anyone gives them there. I noticed then how many yaoi animes are getting on that site. And oh no, not ecchi or just some plain romantic ones, the real hardcore yaoi hentais! Yuuup... Funny thing is that there states a warning below the description, where it describes what is happening in that type of anime. Okay.. I mean anyone can guess what you get when you combine hentai plus yaoi, but I guess not everyone knows.

~ So I went looking more and the most popular anime there is Bleach, but one of the most popular growing ones is Highschool of the dead. Is it good? Well I watched couple of episodes and I must say that they pretty good job at it...Just that it is full of fanservice, but it kinda decreases from episode to episode. And it is full of zombies, it is like this anime was made for boys. Nothing too special for me, but I would love if my other friend would watch this with us. He loves this kinda ones. ecchi plus zombies would be like best combination for him XD

~ And oh yeah, just started also writing some anime reviews for minitokyo, cause that site asks for much in terms of quality and that's the only thing I can put there. XP It sure asks for many words to be written..
And by that I review Spice and Wolf, which is an amazing anime surely!! I recommend everyone that checks it out, it has one of the best personalized characters there.

I be back!

... Actually I am back, weeee!!!! ^__^ HEY THERE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just stopped by to..


Where is everybody?!


LoL, kidding. I am sure that there are some that missed me at least a little. If you haven't noticed I was off for four days. It is because I needed to heal after that, umm wound.
And was that annoying. My parents were like this "-____-" when I told them that I hit in the door. It is obvious that I was owned by physics, but that third law of Newton kinda was wrong there, cause the "wooden door" should have less power than me. So how it happened? I calculated that this happens in like 1% of these hits and accidents, and yup it happened to me. XD

And guys I want to say sorry to you all. I missed many posts these days and for that I apologize. My wounds shouldn't have stopped me and I should be more careful, so I hope that you all understand~!

Also I want to thank everyone that showed concern on my last post. As you can see, thanks to God I am slowly getting better. I didn't went to doctor, even if everyone here said to me that I should (and that everyone counts my parents and my friend LoL). Still I have some experience with this and managed to make it look alright, so it will just leave some scar after that. ^-^

And what I did.. I played some games. A lot of them, and by that I mean two. Not much?! Well I did think what to put to me new world there and what to write. I also always thought what you guys do here and how you all are.
Other than that, I played and played. It was actually kind of fun, since I couldn't move from my sofa so I had to improvise. And these J-RPGs are just what I need. Such a good storyline... Then I read some Harry Potter books and I also watched some animes and really enjoyed in them and of course learned Japanese a little when I got the chance.

After I got a little better, I managed to order my first light novels. Of Spice and Wolf of course. I really enjoyed the anime, so I wanted to actually read it as well, since I never have read something like that. The thing is that from where I buy, the description is awful.. -_-' There is no name of volume, no number of pages, not saying is that a manga or novel.. So I had to see the pics, find them online, compare them, research on other buying sites, like ebay and so on.
I have no idea what I will get, but hopefully it will be alright. This series is definitely recommendable. I will also write a review later. Actually I already have, but I will change some parts, cause I write reviews in two parts. First when I start the anime and then later when I finish it, so that I can see what changed and such.

I have also some more things to say, like when I went to driving practice and I was so good that my father left me to drive alone. The problem is that the place was a little backward and that there people were coming with their cars to have deep talk to have sex. My father didn't figure it out, but I felt so weird that I just went to my father and said "get it the car, we are going home pronto". XD It was funny!

Yup, I don't want to bother you guys more, I already wrote too much. I will try to be now more active, but there are still few days that I have to go steady.
~Hear from you guys later and as always, stay safe!!! ^_^

Soldier down!

LoL at the title, I didn't knew what to put. Maybe random time? Nah, too stylish for this. xD

Anyways something happened guys recently. I was doing my training as usual and while I was somewhere at the end practicing my high kick, I accidentally got to carried away and hit my my knee the door. Oh how I hit it hard.
The I got a very strong pain and after I saw some blood scattered I looked at my knee and saw blooding flowing out of it like a river... o_o
I got a wound and I could even see my bone, lol. And some white, stuff things.. I think that they are part of the cells of my muscles there. Well anyways, since I have some experience with it due to my medical biology last year, I went and got that carried.. More or less, I will probably get a large scar latter. I put a lot of alcohol, hopefully there won't be an infection.

I don't mind this a lot, since I always went with that after you survive a wound it makes you stronger, but my mom might freak out LoL.
I will have to think of something and not to say that it was during my exercises, or else those could be my last ones until I live here.

Well anyways, talk to you later guys, I will let you know how it went. Stay safe and don't try stupid stuff like me! ^-^

It's random time special 2

I know that I bore you guys with these and all today, especially with these so called "special ones" but in the future when you see those they are just some small random posts with usually one theme. xD Well anyways, why I wanted to share n...

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It's random time special 1

Just a quick randomness. I was readying to write a new review about Brody's ghost which is a manga book and also maybe to submit it later on minitokyo.
Now, here is the funny part.

Minitokyo even under the "manga" selection has "sound" section. What to write there?? It's manga, I am not going to describe the flickering of the pages or the written sound effects during sounds and such that I imagine in my head..
I guess that you can skip that part, but not sure though.

I will let you guys later know how it worked out after I write it and first post it here. ^-^