Hello Everyone and welcome to my humble world!! ^_^

In this one I will post a lot of random stuff, from personal posts to various themes and memes. Look forward to many interesting and uninteresting stuff. Ciao!

Account name:LightFykki
DOB:15/02 1994
Gender: male
Place of birth and living: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Interests: Many, too much to list, but you will figure some of them eventually

As you all may know, I try to be nice and kind to everyone. But also keep in mind this. There are many wonderful and talented people here. This site is really great, where everyone can meet up a lot of people and become good friends with those that have similar interests and common thing.
I have many friends here and listing them isn't enough to repay everything in which they helped me. For who they are, they know themselves. :)

All credits for the design of this world, go to my close friend here Hulaberry32!!!
I highly advice that you all as well check her profile too. She is a wonderful person and a very good card maker.^^

My other worlds: A world about Bleach, "My little world of Bleach"
My review world, "Moonlight stories"
A RP world, "Eternal Dreams"
A world dedicated for anime and Japan in general, "Eastern wonder"

Well that is a little introduction of me.
If you have any more questions,just PM me. I don't bite. =)

Random subber

You know, I forgot to say something funny that once happened. Actually, there was this one member here who subbed me this one day. I saw the message and went to sub him back.
Aaaaand... when my browser opened the page, I actually saw that his account is deleted. I returned and saw that he is not anymore between my subbers as he quickly deleted his account the same day.
That was... random and strange! X3

Who wants a cookie?

SO, as I just saw today, I have 99 subscribers. Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!! :D SO, who get's to be my 100 will get a cookie. xD I know that lot of you have more there, but I am humble person, and even having this many makes me satisfied.
I actually planned to have 100 by the end of my school year. So, I have one more week... I should be able to get that one in a week, hmm. Or not... xD But whatever, it is nice seeing this number.^^

Speaking of that, I want to say thanks to EVERYONE who is seeing my boring worlds.
I managed to get 3.777 (yay another three sevens lol) on my Bleach world, 2.500 on my reviews world, about 3.500 on my main world, and surprisingly a whooping 1.500 on Eternal Dreams world, even though it's been months since anything was posted there and views are still growing. ( I don't mind, thank you guys :) )

So yeah, just wanted to share some not so important updates.^^

Thunder and lightning are holding hands


Hi guys!^^ It's been quite long since my last post. No real reason to say why not... It was all my personal fault and I apologize. Buuut since some any of you like my posts, I definitely will try to post more.

I only have one more week of school, thank merciful God for that~! (we almost had one more LOLOL) It should have ended this week, but...yeah... -_-' We still have to complete some classes. But regard of all that, I managed to get some pretty nice marks and again I will be top scored in the class. Yay! :D I think that I will...lol Well I will have 14 A's (5) and 2 B's (4), and with little luck and God's help, I might even have one A more. So my overall score will be somewhere 4.875.
I must say that I am more than happy, because for the hardest grade, I only even wanted to have 4.5, which is the lowest A (5). But as for this, I am more than satisfied, even too much.
But aside from the marks, I am mostly glad that I will finally be able to rest from school. Not meaning that I won't study on break, I do plan to research and study some things. But as of now, I will take a deep rest.

And speaking of that, I am not sure that only my studying helped me in school. But also you guys here. :) Even if it seems that being on theO is taking away your time, actually it is the other way around. Thank you all, especially my closer friends here, who always were here to support me and give me motivation to pass all obstacles. You guys are the BEST~! ^_^

As I don't want to write more, to not get you bored here with what I plan to do on break and such, I will leave for some other time. (what, you totally thought that I will skip it. xD)

BUT I have mentioned thunderstorm there, and oh boy, we had one two days ago. Actually I was here on theO and little did I know, that after replying to one message to Alchy and writing something poetic about storms (LoL, the irony xD), it would actually bring one in about 10 minutes. o_O So yeaaah, from the white strong heavy rain that made a small lake and river down my door steps, it brought thunder which was that strong that it took down many electronic devices in the whole town.
I went to bath, and all of the sudden, light was of. So I had to bath in dark. xD But other than that, my computer shut down, and the cable TV on which my internet also runs, was shut down too, because the main receiver was damaged.

SO I REALLY DO APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE WHO I SKIPPED SOME POSTS (especially if they were important ones).
Other than this, my mouse also broke and I had some hard time fixing it, but managed to make it functional again. (other than I almost have to click hard and several times to open something lol).

Next time, I am going myself to plant some strong defense against those thunders! Muahaha!! >D


For some reason, I find this funny. xD I don't know, but some people say that 777 is lucky number, like on slot machines (though I never played that, nor I plan lol). But yeah, this is... totally random! :P Note that all my songs here are di...

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Two more weeks

*currently reading Trial by Kafka* ... Has anyone read this thing? I sure don't know. -.- It is one of the school books that we need to read and apparently one of the best works of 20th century. Not sure about that, I know that it is confusing. xD But it is has it's charm.^^

Anyway what I wanted to say is that... I wanted to write something, but actually forgot what should I. I mean I know, but I changed my mood so yeah. xD On a good side though.^^
Hm, oh yeah, we still have two weeks of school. That's right folks! We are... going into the living torment this next week. Our professors are starting to get out of their mind lately. LoL!
Like because I am the best from chemistry, my professors wants to ask me EVERYTHING, from all the years of studying, even though I have all A's. -_- That's classy, though that's one of the easier parts. There are even worse. xD

Well, it is still nice in some ways of looking. I know that some of you on the west finished now with your year. On the other side more in the east, some will start their new school year. Wow, world sure is interesting. :)

And I am so tired of extra classes. Last three days I had them in a row. Today I gave instructions to some students that should fall on from chemistry, but I decided to take my time and teach them that in school. Hopefully they will pass.^^

SO that this post doesn't feel like completely talking about school... Does anyone feel like to eat a cookie? *random* LOL!
Don't know, but if I remember something more interesting (or sad) I will definitely write. :D