Thank you and update

Hey there everyone! ^_^

How have you been all? It has been definitely some time since my last post, so I figured that I should at least let you know that I am still well and sound here.^^

I actually took a little break, because I had to focus on some things here, but then we got this extremely snowy weather, institutions and schools got closed for the time being, so you can already guess what came from that. My father also has many problems at his company because of that freezing weather, but it is getting better now, at least it is only minus Celsius now in the mornings.

Other than that there was Valentine's, so I hope that everyone there celebrated it well, even those that are single, be sharp, there will be someone for you. Patience is rewarded and it is proven so. :)

And the day after that there was my birthday... I want to take a moment and SHOUT to everyone who wished my happy birthday, sent me a message, a gift, a dedication, or just had thoughts to do so. ^_^ You really made my birthday a much better day and if it wasn't for you, it would almost be like any
other day.

Also I want to say thanks for making this world hit 10.000 views!^^

So I won't bother you anymore, though I wanted.. But hey, we shall hear from each other later as well~!^^

Thank you everyone again! This is my own and first gif. that I made, after I had to learn it for my thesis.

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