This might be the last

To all my good friends at The Otaku.

Yes, it me Shadow pretty much coming for my last stand for all anime/manga artist. I will probably not be back for any activity. But, I will always come for looks at all the progress that the site will have. And for my own enjoyment of course.

The reason for my permanent resign is that I've gotten married and now my life is surrounding my new home and the children me and my husband will be having in our happy days togather.

Thank you for all the beautiful encouragment you've given me in my anime and drawing life all together. I will always remember my times here and promise to recomand other "Otaku" to this site. :)

Thank you,
Vampiergall/ Shadow

Contest Challenge!

The challenge "Character Thanksgiving" has ended. Now It time for me to judge and see which shall win! Yeah!!!!!!!! :D I've actually got time to remember since I'm sick...... :P O.k. that was lame. *Ahem*

Anyhow I first want to thank all the wonderful who people who joined in on this odd challenge. XD (Literally though it was fun!)

kisskiss-bangbang (thank you my friend!)
Katty Shouto!
nirvava donut!

Thank you! Thank you! Your beautiful works have really made my day!
I will have result for y'all on the weekend! So,cheack your inboxes to see what place you scored! And then send me what you have for request. :D

BTW. Since there are only four people who joined I will also give 4th place something probable a gift. :)

Well, see you with the results!



Sorry I haven't been able to be around to at least talk to people, but College also keeps THAT to a mimimume.

We are getting better internet come Friday, so this should at least be accesible from my home soon! Cross your fingures! lol XD


College and Life.

You know I'm not a very responcible person am I? lol

Here I make a challenge and then I get so busy with school I don't get to check up on it till now.

I hope y'all don't mind. But, I did go take a look and was VERY happy to see that I've got two wallpapares at the challenge site!
I'm very gratefull to nirvana donutand spirited16 for their beautiful work!
Even if I only get those two I'll be happy to give a fair judging on these incredible pieces of art. Because, I can tell that both people are very fond of their heros, this increases my excitment as well! :) Remember this contest will end Febuary 15th! I'm also typing this to remind myself! LOL

Anyhow I'll try to check up more often.... (Try, I can't promise.)
Well, I gotta do home work for math so I'll be seeing you guys again soon I hope. (college willing that is. lol)



I've made a new Challenge! It's called Character Thanskgiving!

btw. Is there a way to make a challange open for all anime/mange types?