I figured the best thing to make a "world" for would be one of mine.
This world will be about random facts and little stuffs about my world Karna, those of you who read my comics might know a bit about it. Karna is a fantasy world that started festering in my mind since i was little.

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay!

How they sleep?

(Salem is running on fumes and about to pass out)

I love Thinking about how my characters sleep together.
Not in a sexual way, just how they would share a bed.

I actually love thinking about how they sleep in general.
And how a new addition to the bed slightly changes it.

For instance.

Anei usually sleeps in the middle of the bed. Sometimes on her side, but usually on her back.
When Rei comes along, she finds herself having to share her bed with him.
She then favors sleeping on her side and close to the edge of the bed.

When Rei sleeps alone he will curl up in one top corner of the bed in the fetal position with covers mostly covering him. He is insecure and has an instinctive need to hide.
When he shares a bed with Anei he sleeps close to his side of the bed, but where people normally sleep. He also doesn't cover him self up as much.
With Anei there he feels much safer, but still needs to cover him self for a sense of security.

Neither Anei or Rei are "Cuddler's"

Phico is.
Phico always has a need to hug something. When she sleeps alone, this could be her doll, the blankets or a pillow, But she has to be latched on to something to fall asleep.
Some times Rei has to share a bed with her, he doesn't sleep as well because she will latch on to him the whole night. He sleeps face away from her, but can't cover with the blankets as well because she's too close.

there are two kinds of cuddler's (that I know of)
The kind who have to be latched on to someone/something.
And the kind who need someone/thing latching on to them.

Robin and Raven are those two kinds.
Raven needs to latch on to. Robin needs to be latched on.
Phico has slept with these two.

Robin tends to sleep on her back, while the other two sleep on either side.
but alone Robin will curl up on her side with a pillow or something at her back.
Alone raven sleeps a lot like Phico.

Cade used to be a cuddler, but has trained himself mostly out of it.
Still, He needs to hold something in his hand, Balled up part of a blanket, his own shoulder, really anything graspable works.
he doesn't really share a bed with anyone, when the situation rises he'll take the floor.
But lets say he falls asleep with a significant other. He would probably end up sleeping while holding their hand AND THAT'S FU**ING ADORABLE!!!

Tori is not a cuddler.
Nor does he really have a NEED to sleep a certain way.
Alone he sleeps in the middle of the bed, with someone else he will stay on his side. Tori is a pretty practical sleeper.

I like thinking about how characters sleep, I like thinking about how they sleep fits with their personalities, insecurities, and levels of trust.
It can say a lot about them.

Think about how your characters sleep.
Alone, with someone.
Figure out exactly why they do it.
It's fun!

That's all
Kay bye kiddies

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