I figured the best thing to make a "world" for would be one of mine.
This world will be about random facts and little stuffs about my world Karna, those of you who read my comics might know a bit about it. Karna is a fantasy world that started festering in my mind since i was little.

Welcome to my world, I hope you enjoy your stay!

About Tori

I can’t believe I put a Rei entry before Tori (I can’t believe I forgot about making him an “About” altogether) Any who~ how about I make up for it now This is about Tori Tori apperes after Anei wakes up, he is her boss ...

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About Anei

i have no idea what kind of "Post type" this is so~ yeah... this first post will be about the first chara you see in "The Runes of Karna" Anei though not much can be said with out giving out spoilers so i will just give ya a quick lil post,...

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