the mermaids of karna

ABOUT Karna Mermaids
alrighty, when i was litle the first Mermaids i heard of was not your sweet little disney ones, HO NO!
and as a result, Karna mermaids are closer to the first versions i heard when i was little.
there are little differances between freshwater mermaids and salt water but what they have in common is, their hair is a dark red but the under water plant life leaves green tints and patches in their hair, The hair is also very thin, close to spider web thin (harder to get caught in some situations) their skin is pale because most of the day they stay in the deep and shady parts of the water, like fish they come up at dawn and at dusk, the plant life also gives this a green tint. They are carnivores, they hunt other fish (which is why they come out during the other fishes feeding times) their teeth are very sharp, but also small and numerous (again like other fish) the color in their eyes covers the whole eye. They have gills that go from where their ears would be to the base of their necks, because they have gills they do not have noses (just slight bumps where they should be). They have fin like (what are they called? Salem has gone brain dead again) Thingys where their ears would be, for their ears they just have small holes hidden by the fin thingys. they have flipper like hands that have sharp claws at the end. They have voices that sound like a mix of Dolphin and whales.
Now for the differances
freshwater mermaids,
these mermaids are a bit dfferent from the ones in the sea, they are more wirey and skinny, their hair is slightly lighter and their eyes are blue. They are more peaceful and when curiosity strikes they tend to just follow and stare at the people passing or sailing by.
Saltwater mermaids,
Because there are much bigger threats in the sea these ones turn out more muscular, their hair tends to be darker and their eyes are black. These ones are more violent, they have been known to drag sailors under water and tip smaller fishing boats, there is a slight fear of these ones because when the bodies resuface they look like they have been chewed on or sometimes even large chunks of the body is missing.
There has been some stories of sailors and children (and very few women) being lured into the water (or at least in grabing distances) by the mermaids looks, But~ Rest asured mermaids do not have a magic the hypnotises a person to go to them (its just human curiosity that pulls them to the mermaids) the ones that have that magic are sirens (and those are farther out to sea around secluded islands and they too are carnivores and eat who they call)

There are much less drowning reports at fresh water lakes so
If you wish to spot a mermaid and your curiosity gets the best of you, wait at a quiet lake and do not row out to sea, if you see a mermaid im sure you would prefer to live to tell about it.

mermaids are more deadly than any other water creature