About Tori

I can’t believe I put a Rei entry before Tori (I can’t believe I forgot about making him an “About” altogether)
Any who~ how about I make up for it now
This is about Tori

Tori apperes after Anei wakes up, he is her boss and land lord.
He comes back in the story soon after Anei finds Rei.

Tori is a hero amoung the officers of Sage and is pretty famouse around Karna for what he accomplished in the military.
He was sent to a military training camp when he was seven by his father. There he trained everyday and proved to be a fast learner. At 15 (old legal military joining age in Karna) he joined the force and quickly grew in ranks, he became the youngest person to work in the castle as a royal guard (Till Cade came after his retirement, Cade beat him by one year. Tori was 19 when he became a guard Cade was 18)
When a new family took over the kingdom of Sage, there had to be military cuts and they had to let officers go. They made it voluntary and (even though no one thought it would be him) Tori was the first to ask to leave.

He was givin quite a bit of money for his past services, with that money he opened an inn. No one would know from looking at him or from the way he acted but that was his lifes goal, to open a place of his own. But after he got it he had to put up with workers like Anei, he wanted to keep thieves off the streets so he would offer jobs to them, making him very popular in the thieves circle.

He is reserved and very calm due to a long life in a military invironment, he becomes the father figure of the group.
Look forward to seeing him more!