This world is now made for artistic ideas and inspirations; like poems, montages, videos, artworks, songs, stories and writing skills, etc. Not only that, this is a world of abnormal, mysterious, strange, bizarre, and of peculiar things.

It's also another way for me to say, "Coffee, Cake or Tea?" (LoL) No really, this place is like the Poet's Coffee Shop Domain or at least a place for the Creative Artist at Heart's Domain. Write, read and enjoy at your own heart's content.

Poems/Other Types

Song lyrics

World Name: The Bizarre Place
Kanji: 妙場所
Romaji: Myō (or Myou) Basho


Rules(Sorry, about the rules):
1) Keep the language around a General Audiance and/or a PG-13 rating. Keep it clean, please.
2) Romantic poems are allowed, but keep it anonymous. Dedication is fine.
3) Remember, have fun writing or creating.


Don't worry the Guide: Getting Trophies & Medals world still exist, but its in a new world called: "Watashi no Sekai - My World".

The Funny Scare Limerick

I heard a loud knock at the door
I rushed to my feet at full score
I stood in such a scare
'Cause a ghost floated there
And now I visit my house no more

Haiku (English Style)

Title: Sky

I see something there
Up in the sky right above me
There is a bright light

Title: White Light (Cloak)

Covered in a bright light
A Cloak only concealed by white
Question is, "Who are you?"