This world is now made for artistic ideas and inspirations; like poems, montages, videos, artworks, songs, stories and writing skills, etc. Not only that, this is a world of abnormal, mysterious, strange, bizarre, and of peculiar things.

It's also another way for me to say, "Coffee, Cake or Tea?" (LoL) No really, this place is like the Poet's Coffee Shop Domain or at least a place for the Creative Artist at Heart's Domain. Write, read and enjoy at your own heart's content.

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World Name: The Bizarre Place
Kanji: 妙場所
Romaji: Myō (or Myou) Basho


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2) Romantic poems are allowed, but keep it anonymous. Dedication is fine.
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Don't worry the Guide: Getting Trophies & Medals world still exist, but its in a new world called: "Watashi no Sekai - My World".


So I wrote this poem because I have a boyfriend, but I have liked this other guy for much longer than my boyfriend, and I really don't know what to do. I hope you like it anyways

My heart belongs to two,
But I wish that it was you.
Instead I'm with another,
Please tell me what to do...

I need advice, love of mine,
I want things to work out fine,
I do not want to break his heart,
I'm standing on the thinnest line...

Why must I be cursed with you,
The love I feel I know is true,
But someone else owns it now,
Please tell me what I have to do...

I wish I could erase today,
And everything I heard him say,
Because I know that it's not fair,
His heart is now mine to play...

I don't know what I should do,
Should I stay and not think of you?
He's probably just a passing phase,
To my heart I must be true.

I think I know what I must do,
I must trust my feelings of you
To him I must say goodbye,
Because I truly love you...

Thanks for reading!