Fushigi no Kuni no Hikari (Shining Wonderland)

[up-beat tone]

I woke-up like usual
Thinking today would be bland
But that was until, I met you,
The white rabbit that lead me to Wonderland

"C'mon now! Let's go! Let's go to Wonderland!"

Jump into the rabbit's hole
And let's begin!
You know the rules of Wonderland
You enter the hallway of doors
You pick up the key and unlock the smallest door

You drink the potion on the table
And you forget key!
Then you eat the cake
That's in the small box on the floor

That's when you begin
To cry a pool of tears
But someone says to you,
"Don't cry! This is Wonderland"

"Let's enter into that shining Wonderland!"

There no need to look at clocks
There no need to worry about rules
There no need to be confused, about this dream
The only need is to know that you're having fun

So, go ahead and open that door
That leads to (your) Wonderland