Hello minna, I'm Lynsey, you can either call me Lyn or just Amame or Tsuki!
I'm so in love with Bishounen and cute little boys!! But I'm very picky and I have certain taste in choosing cute boys to be love!
I watch any kinds of anime (=w=)V and I espcially love read yaoi manga. (Kyaa~ the hotness~)
I can also be quite weird sometimes, but don't worry about that, I'm quite harmless~

Hehehe...Pure hearted yaoi-ness

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(So kawaii!!)

Junjou Romantica! It's such a cute story with interesting plot and turn outs!!!
Usami was such a perverted guy...>w< Misaki, I'll save you from the clutches of yaoiness!!!!

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(Look, they even have cosplayer for Junjou egoist!!!!! XD)

Nyaaa...I felt like killing Nowaki when he kept on calling Hiro-kun 'Hiro-san, Hiro-san' with his innocent voice!

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(D'aww...isn't this sweet?? <:3)

Junjou egoist....hm....hm...*tilts head* I felt bad for Miyagi...he had to handle a rebelling teenager...>3<


Waaa....I'm such a bad subscriber..If I spent more time in this site, I'm sure I can catch up with you guys' submission...*sniffled* It won't happen again!!!! DX

That phone call...

A little personal information from me...:)

Well, today was a fine day to begin with, and everything went smoothly. I even have a chat with my ex-crush and glad that we're friends.
So, I got a phone call from him later and we began talking like the best of friend. That's when he suddenly ask me; "Do you still like me? Like back then??"
Nyaa.....what kind of question is that??? DX He's so insensitive!!!


But I told him I do like him. Still and I'm trying to forget about him.

When I said that, I began to judge my way of thinking...what did I expect to hear? What did I expect from him???

He just said ; "Really? I'm sorry...you'll find another good guy soon..."

Way to break my heart again...*sigh* it's such a depressing moment...but I still liked him...

I want to forget about him, but being his best friend is too much and hard!!! T^T


I finished watching Kuroshitsuji!!! LOve Ciel so much!!! XD
Hehe~ pretty short post..my mind was occupied by Kuroshitsuji now and I can think of anything else~~
I still need to read the manga!!! here I come!!!

I hate chatting

Why perverts exist in chat place??? DX That's so sucks! I hate it! Even thou their profile said 'I love watching anime and stuffs like that', they talks about stupid things and it's so disgusting!!!!
Amame is not happy with that chat place. Full of hentai!!!! Damn you to hell perverts!!!!! DX