I am awesome

(No feelings were met to be hurt in this message)

Yeah so my stupid little friend thinks she awesomer than me, but, she's totally wrong. Yeah. I am awesomer than her. I will always be awesomer. As I get older my awesomeness will increase while hers, will decrease. How do I know this? It's just a matter of intuition. And besides I can just sense it. And you and all of the world will know about how awesome I am. I'm going to be famous. Yeah I'll be on your cereal boxes. Every time you reach for your cereal box, I'll be there, right on the front. And then you'll be like: "OMG!! It's her... The most AWESOMEST PERSON TO EVER LIVE!!! My face is going to be everywhere. I'm also going to be a famous traveler too. And go on adventures in the most exotic places Imean even animals will reconize me, and they'll be like, it's her!! She is so totally awesome in sooo many ways"! Also, I'm going to go to Japan, learn some karate and stuff and become an awesome ninja that throws those little sharp sword thingys, (what are they called again?), and then come back here to beat the people up who said I'm not awesome.(no, just kidding) Yeah, I'll be all on the T.V and stuff. I'll even have my own show too. Yeah. And I am going to be a like famous artist, more famous then the guy that painted the Mona Lisa. So like I'm going to be a famous, karate butt kicking, wanna be Idianna Jones, T.V. show owning, face on cereal box, wanna be ninja. (Like to see you top that CrimzonN3k0 z:) Yeah. Now tell me, that doesn't sound awesome? (If you did tell me that, then you would be a lying beyond lying.) And on top of all that, I am also gonna be the greatest guitarist that ever lived too. And then all my friends are gonna be like, "Hey! Can we hangout with you?" then I'm gonna be like "no" then there gonna say "Why not?" then I'm gonna be all, "Your not cool or awesome enough to be seen with me." (No, not really. I'm a better friend than that.) Any way Everyone's gonna want my autograph and stuff. Cause I'm like that awesome. So yeah. (SO IN YOUR FACE CrimzonN3k0 z !!) Just wait... I'll show you... I'll show you all how awesome I am!! Yeah...(LOL) Oh yeah and to all my fellow fans, and viewers, of all ages, and of all manga loving people, boys and girls of all sizes, and of all gender...... wait? what was I gonna say... I forgot.. so this is the end of this message. i guess...
(Yeah, thats me in the future, awesome ninja girl!!)
Well that's it... I hope you enjoyed this. Please comment. XD!!!