I'm back!!!

Hello all! And welcome to the Grand re-opening of MY WEIRD IMAGINATION!!! Its weird I know because I never really actually closed it, so I cant be opening something was never closed. Well that's were your wrong! In my weird imagination what makes sense to you is invalid. in fact everything you thought was logical is not logical in fact its ILLOGICAL!! Lolz So with that in mind leave a comment. If you hate this post and my grand re-opening leave a comment, if you liked it leave a comment, if you have questions or concerns or comments leave a comment, if you don't want to leave a comment, then leave one anyway telling me why you don't want to leave a comment. I love comments no matter what they are, how mean or insignificant! xD

Moving along, I know I know, I have been gone for some moths. Maybe a year...or two, but whose counting! There was a reason for that. You know what that was? I typically got bored with the site and busy with life. But upon having free time, I looked back at all my posts and realized how much fun this was. And thus that began my new legacy. Now I can go on and on describing things that have past, but I think Its time to move on. With a new start comes a new .....what ever I forgot what the heck I was talking about. But anyways I wont be talking about the past but about events as they so happen.

I have missed you all, and hope you all are still as awesome as you were before I left, and no doubt, i think you are! lolz

There is still more to come! I want to leave you off with an awesome picture or some type of video but I dont have anything. So I'll try and think of something awesome to get your brains thinking. I know! Ill leave you with a small scenario, and in the comments you can tell me what you would do

You and others maybe friends that you met are the only ones who can save the planet from the destruction of an unknown outside opposing force. How would you do it?

If that's too complicated than answer this:

You walking down the street when suddenly out of the sky an alien walks up to you and introduces him/her self to you . What do you do?

If you dont want to answer either one, plz do, still leave a comment. Even if your comment is just hi, I highly sterss the fact of you to leave a comment. It only takes a quick second! ^_^

Until next time!