The human centipede?

Hello fellow earthlings. I bid you a how-do-you-do. Im doing pretty good today. Talked to my boyfriend a little. Ate a banana, watched it rain and just overall chilled. The only thing that woula made this day better would be tea. Yes Tea. Im a tea-aholic. lolz i woulda mad eme some but when I wentto look, there was o tea :( IT was a sad time for me. I had to have a moment of silence. But anyways lolz moving along to the topic at hand:

Any of you clowns out there (and non clowns) ever seen the human centipede? I have watched it. and let me tell you, it was every thing I expected and more. Usually I don't watch movies like that. But a dear, dear, friend of mine recommended it to me one day in class. She kept ranting on and on about how funny and awesome the movie was and that i should watch it. This end up with me watching the trailor. What can I say, it cought my attnetion and I was wanting to watch it. So when I got home, I watched it. During the whole thing I had my moments where I had to pause it and take a quick break and re-cap on what I just saw.

My Reaction:
I laughed, I cried (on the inside) I got angry, I cringed, I laughed some more,and I was grossed out. My overall reaction of the movie was, it was good the actors incredibly stupid but they played there part well. Would I see it again? Yeah maybe with some friends.I found it funny due to how stupid the main characters were. If you saw these two girls and if you watched the movie you'll see what I mean. Below are a list of tips I created from this movie to prevent you from being in a situation like these two girls Lindsey, and I don't remember the other girls name. Following these tips can help prevent you from falling into situations that are horrible.

My Tips:
1. When visiting another country, please make sure you know the language or have someone there to translate for you. It will make it very easy for you while your there

2. If you get lost while driving somewhere in that country, like I don't know a club, and you take a wrong turn and then your tire goes flat or something and its at night. Please stay in your car. Until morning.

3. If you failed at tip 2 an got out of your car, don't go running into the unknown to find help. Especially if you don't know where your going and its raining, and its dark out.

4. If you failed at tip 3 and went wondering off into the unknown, please please don't run up to a strangers house and start pounding on there windows and doors.

5. If you do happen to find a strangers house and pound on there window and doors and they do open the door. do not go inside. Especially if they ask if your alone!

6. If for some odd reason you do go inside, do not accept a drink from the stranger

7. If while your in the strangers house and he/she starts yelling in a language you don't understand, that is the clue to leave.

8. If you were smart, and did not listen to tip 6 you are probably feeling a little sick. That is because that drink was tainted.

9. If you see your friend is feeling sick and tired do not ask if she is okay. Its obvious she inst and her drink was tampered with. Do not stay there in that house screaming and asking the stranger what they did.

10. If the stranger comes at you with a needle, do not crawl on the floor. He/she will still get you.

11. Congratulation! If you ignored all the tips above you have just volunteered to be part of the Human centipede! (or some other dangerous situation) You really have no one to blame but yourself for being so un-thoughtful I should say.

12. If you followed these tips, you lessen your chances of being kidnap, and or experimented on. (there is still a chance that it could happen to you but its not that high, unless you do something else more un-thoughtful)

Thank you and remember: The best way to stop a problem is to prevent it!

Please enjoy this, unrelated to the topic, picture!